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That’s right folks. They’ve done it again. Corrupt and his clowns have made another alliance: Legions of the Eldar. We are proud to join the cyberverse this 9th day of July. Our charter:

Legions of the Eldar Charter


Though the power of the Elves is weakening in Middle Earth those Eldar that choose to stand in defense of their race and culture do somely swear to uphold laws and rulings our people as shown in the documents below.

Article 1: High King of the Eldar

The High King of the Eldar is responsible for the running and supervision of the Eldar. His word is final in all matters. He can authorize nuclear weapons, he approves or denies treaties, and all other rulings and judgment calls for the Legions of the Eldar.

Article 2: Prince of the Eldar

In the event that the High King steps down or is away the Prince of the Eldar is the natural successor to the High King. While the High King is around the Prince aids in the daily running of the Eldar and advises the King.

Article 3: Council of the Phoenix Lords

The Council of the Phoenix Lords is Chosen by the High King of the Eldar to aid in the day to day running of the various respective Domains of the Legions of the Eldar. They have free reign to go about the accomplishing the goals set out for them set by the High King.

Section 1: The Domains

Lord of War: Commands the mighty armies of the Eldar in war and guards against internal and external threats in peace time. The Lord of War is responsible for keeping the Eldar at their full military potential during peace time.

Lord of Foreign Affairs: Handles the diplomatic negotiations with Men and others who wish go gain the favors of the Eldar. He is also responsible for maintain relations between those whom we hold pacts and treaties with.

Lord of Internal Affairs: Oversees the training of the younger Eldar and seeking to bring in more Eldar from Valinor. He is also responsible for the day to day maintaining of the towns and cities of the Eldar.

Lord of Finance: Is responsible for increasing the wealth of the Eldar and their continued growth and prosperity.

Section 2: Captains

Each Lord is allowed to appoint 1 Captain to take his place in his absence and to aid in the day to day running of the Eldar. He/She may also promote as many Noldor as needed to aid in the day to day running of the company.

Article 4: The Noldor

The Noldor are some of the older and wiser Eldar and are have full rights of being one of the Eldar to become a Noldor one must must pass a trial conducted by another Noldor for full member status in the Eldar.

Article 5: The Silvan

The Silvan of the Eldar have none of the basic member rights except protection from outside attacks. They are only expected to defend the Eldar from attack if the need requires otherwise they have no real duties so to speak of. After 2weeks to 1month They become eligible to promotion to Noldor Status.

Article 6: Member Rights

1) Members are allowed to voice any of their opinions and thoughts in a constructive manner to the Council or other Noldor.

2) Members are allowed to voice any of their individual opinions on the OWF. While a Noldor may post their opinions in the alliance politics section inappropriate comments may be grounds for a gag order.

3) Members have the right to a fair hearing in the event of inter-company issues. This means a trial and hearing lead by one of the members of the Council.

4) Members have the right of protection. While members follow our rules and guidelines they are subject to protection and reimbursement of all damages taken in service the Legions of the Eldar.

5) Members also have the right to tech raid under the rules of the Eldar.

Article 7: Amendments

To amend this Charter it requires a ¾ vote of the Council along with the unanimous approval of the High King and Prince

And so no one thinks to raid us our protectorate treaty with the crazy folks at Vanguard:


Insert Treaty Name Here Accords

In order to formalize the bonds of friendship, the undersigned alliances of Vanguard and Legions of the Eldar have entered into a protectorate agreement, the terms of which are laid out below.


The following treaty shall create a protectorate agreement whereby Vanguard agrees to extend its protection over the new and burgeoning alliance of Legions of the Eldar. This treaty is a beginning of a friendship between the two alliances which will continue to grow. Both alliances enter into this agreement willingly and of their own free, sovereign will.

Article I - Sovereignty

Vanguard shall not attempt to subvert the sovereignty of Legions of the Eldar; as such, it shall not attempt to impose its will on the government of Eldar. One government member of Vanguard shall be entitled to member-level access on the forum of Legions of the Eldar, and shall be granted with the ability to advise or offer opinions to the Legions of the Eldar government on any issue. Any foreign agreements must be approved through this liaison, and Legions of the Eldar agrees to keep Vanguard informed of any major foreign affairs decisions. This relationship is not meant to make Legions of the Eldar a vassal of Vanguard; it is intended to keep the two alliances on the same page, and to bring them closer together.

Article II - Camaraderie

Both parties agree to commit to peace, tolerance, respect, trust, and above all, friendship. Misconduct, dishonour and disrespect displayed by one party towards the corresponding party will be discussed through private venues, in a civilized and rational manner, and dealt with accordingly. The parties, sharing common beliefs and values, will endeavour, at all times, to exemplify both honour and etiquette.

Article III - Intelligence

The parties agree to share all intelligence they obtain that could prove useful to the other party. Furthermore, if either signatory learns of a security breach within, or a credible threat to the other signatory, the acquiring signatory will convey all pertinent information to the other signatory. However, there is one exception: a signatory may choose not to disclose information provided by a third party that wishes the information to remain confidential and holds a treaty with said signatory.

Article IV - Peace

Article IV, Item A. Both parties renounce all forms of subjugation, oppression, or manipulation that may be used against the countersigned, and pledge to refrain from funding, supporting, or participating in said acts, whether intra-alliance or inter-alliance. Ratification of this document proclaims an everlasting peace between the signatories, but for the activation of Article VI.

Article IV, Item B. No member of either signatory may participate in, support, or condone military action against a member of the countersigned. If a signatory constituent violates this Item, the offender will be ordered to offer peace as soon as possible, and pay reparations equivalent to the total damages inflicted. Defending nations are required to refrain from retaliatory attacks while the two governments deal with the situation. Following orders to secure peace, should the attacking nation refuse to offer peace, continue the offensive, or fail to pay appropriate reparations, without credible explanation, the attacking nation will be expelled from its alliance. Further, the expellee shall be dealt with as a rogue nation by all parties.

Article IV, Item C. Neither signatory alliance will engage in or endorse espionage or subversion of any form against the countersigned, including forum breaching or in-game spying.

Article IV, Item D. Neither signatory will impose or ask others to impose Senate-enforced sanctions against a constituent of the corresponding signatory.

Article V - Protection

Vanguard agrees to protect Legions of the Eldar against aggression by other alliances. In exchange for this protection, Legions of the Eldar agrees to behave in a respectable manner and keep good levels of communication with Vanguard. This protection shall last until both signatories are satisfied that the protection is no longer required, or until the cancellation procedure set out in Article VI is enacted.

Article VI - Cancellation

Article VI, Item A. Either signatory may terminate this pact at any time and withdraw its status as a signatory; however, the withdrawing alliance must notify the government of the countersigned, through the appropriate private channels, seventy-two (72) hours prior to their desired time of termination. However, should either party breach an article of this document, their signatures on the treaty will be considered void, unless otherwise stated within the treaty or previously agreed upon by both alliances.

Article VI, Item B. If an attack is made on either party, during the aforementioned seventy-two (72) hour period, this treaty will remain in effect until seventy-two (72) hours after the conflict concludes.

Article VI, Item C. Upon cancellation by either signatory, Article IV of this document will remain active for a period of seven (7) days, beginning after the appropriate seventy-two (72) hour notification period has concluded.

Article VI, Item D. Once either signatory notifies the other of its desire to cancel the treaty as described in Item A, Legions of the Eldar may remove forum access from the Vanguard adviser called for in Article I.



Grand Architects of Vanguard

The Sovereign, Revanche

The Vizier, QTUN

The Consul, Stumpy

Architects of Vanguard

The Sword, Tweak1029

The Shield, Rafa Nadal

The Hammer, Hirvegil Arnanu

The Treasurer, Alekhine

The Scholar, Thaliak

Legions of the Eldar

King, The Corrupt Teacher

Prince, ddog241

Lord of Foreign Affairs, Emperor Jason

Our gov. also is:

King: The Corrupt Teacher

Prince: ddog241

Lord of Foreign Affairs: Emperor Jason

Lord of War: TBA

Lord of Internal Affairs: TBA

Lord of Finance: TBA

The Lords of War, Internal Affairs, and Finance will be filled at another time

Come see us in #eldar on Coldfront IRC to talk to us. You can also reach us at http://radio-inc.net/eldar/index.php , our official forums. We hope to see you there!

Edited by Emperor Jason
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