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A celebration


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As many of you may know, today marks the 62nd anniversary of the attempted landing of the Grays outside our capital of Roswell. If you don't know, then the government in your country is trying to cover it up. Unfortunately, before they could complete their miraculous mission here on our planet, their ship crashed. Today forever mark the day where the magnificent space men tried to visit us, and we rejoice and hope that they will come again. Massive parties erupted all over New Andromeda, as we remember how lucky we are that we were chosen to be visited.

As for the request, we send it to Tahoe. In your lands, there is a military base called Area 51, and in there, in hanger 19, you have the remains of the aliens and their ship. We request that they be given to us, so we may study them and try to learn the true purpose of our visitors. Seeing as your government is probably infiltrated by Greys, we can understand your connection, however, the craft was meant to land here for a reason. We assure you, we will take good care of it.

Remember, they are real!


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