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Aeonic Imperium

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Charter of The Aeonic Imperium


Aeonic Imperium is based on the 4 Noble Truths set down by its founders:

Power- All members will gain power from Aeonic Imperium, as the Imperium is nothing without its members

Prosperity- The Imperium is dedicated to bringing prosperity to her members. Tech deals, Aid, and Trades will all be provided to its members.

Protection- The Imperium will provide a safe place for its members. She will defend her members no matter the cost from invaders.

Pride- The Imperium is a family. It acts as a unit and expects total dedication from its members.

Article I: Membership

All nations will be accepted on the basis that the nation is not involved in any wars and does not belong to another alliance. These nations are suggested to move to the aqua team but it is not required.

Article II: Structure

Section I: The Triumvirate

The Triumvirate is highest power in the alliance. The Triumvirate is in control of all internal and external affairs with the alliance. They can execute any laws they deem fit. The Triumvirate is a permanent position. The Triumvirate may appoint government positions. If a Triumvirate member steps down or is forced from their position then the other two are to propose a new triumvir to the senate.

Clause I: Triumvir of War

The Triumvir of War will be the Commander of the Aeonic Army and lead the Imperium in times of war. He is to lead the army into battle and help with organization. They may appoint Legates that will lead each legion.

Clause II: Triumvir of Foreign Affairs

The Triumvir of Foreign Affairs is responsible for maintaining diplomats and embassies of the Imperium. He is responsible for treaties and handling of foreign relations.

Clause III: Triumvir of Interior Affairs

The Triumvir of Interior Affairs is the internal affairs leader of the alliance. He is responsible for recruiting and maintaining the forums, finance, recruitment, and the academy. The Aedile is responsible for overseeing the senate election process.

appoint a new one.

Section II: The Higher Government

Each member of the Higher government answers to their respective Triumvirate leader. Under the Triumvirate there are 6 departments. 1 for War, 1 For Finance, and 4 for IA. Each of these departments will be controlled by the Minister of that department. Each Minister will be appointed by their Triumvirate leader, and approved by the Senate.

Section III: The Lower Government

The lower government shall be appointed by the Ministers or triumvir under their departmental control as seen fit. The lower government may appoint assistants. The lower government reports directly to their respective Triumvir or Minister.

Section IV: The Senate

The Senate will consist of 1 senator for every 10 nations, starting at 20 nations. The government (excluding the Triumvirate) is part of the Senate. The Senate has the power to veto any action executed by the Triumvirate with a 75% approval vote. The Senate also has the power to impeach a member of the Government, Senate, or Triumvirate with a 80% approval. (The Triumvirate also gets to vote on this). Any member under impeachment cannot vote at their own trial. The Senate must approve a new Triumvir with a 51% vote.

Section V: The General Body

All member nations will be placed in the General Body and will be responsible for voting for members of the Senate.

Article III: War

Clause I: Rogues

All unapproved wars are illegal and the offending nation is subject to punitive actions including, but not limited to expulsion. Any nation who attacked the Aeonic Imperium is subject to punitive actions including, but not limited to ZI. We do not PZI or EZI.

Clause II: Alliance War

War must be proposed by a triumvir and declared by the senate after a 51% margin of all senators is achieved (or 51% after 24 hours). The Aeonic Imperium is a weapons free alliance and members may use nukes at their discretion in an alliance wide conflict.

Article IV: Amendments to the Charter

The Senate or Triumvirate can submit a proposal to amend the Charter. Discussion will take place for at least 24 hours but no more than 72 hours. If a 75% vote of the Senate is passed then it shall be moved to the Triumvirate for a 2/3 vote. The Senate can over ride a turned down ammendment by the Triumverate with a 90% re-approval.


Triumvir of Internal Affairs: Secter7

Minister of Finance - Itsuki Koizumi

Minister of Recruitment -

Head Master of Academy -

Minister of Projects and Law - Darth Moses

Triumvir of Foreign Affairs: Aeternalis (statesman28)

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Infidel Israeli

Triumvir of War: Anansi

Minister of War - Black Hawk

Forums: http://aeonicimperium.8forum.net/forum.htm

IRC: #AeonicImperium on irc.coldfront.net

This is a DoE. We are an aqua alliance protected by Ragnarok. Please stop by our IRC or forums and set up a consulate!

tl;dr - hey, babe ;)

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Best of luck.

But won't that new neutral alliance be mad about you using the infinity symbol? Not that I think you should care, but I think it's in their charter that they don't want people using it.

the flag needs work anyway, perhaps we will change it.

Edited by Aeternalis
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Does this mean its too late to anarchy Anansi with joke deploys?

if he's dumb enough to have the minimum soldier count in the first place i say go for it, again i suggest the 40 fighter planes and no bombers

edit: changed wording

Edited by Infidel Israeli
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