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5br Black team


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Marble - SpiderJerusalem

Lumber - baha24

Iron - Sir Hertz069

Aluminum - HiHii

Oil - Goddess jess

Rubber - baha24

Coal - HiHii

Uranium -

Pigs -

Wheat - Sir Hertz069

Fish - Goddess jess

Gems - SpiderJerusalem






Substitutions welcomed depending on resource

Include ruler name in post.

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I have Iron and Wheat.

My nation link is below:


BTW: What is the 5th BR? You only listed 4.

I took off the water to add another one of my members to the circle

beer really isnt that important though..

but if you really want beer, you dont have to join

and yea, uranium is a must.. people need nukes in a war torn planet bob

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