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Cody Seb

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The road had been long and tiring, but after 3 days of driving, the former Yukon Cabinet had reached their destination. They had driven all the way down into Kansas where they would cross into Missouri close to Joplin. They even saw the border sign.

As they neared, they heard a gun shot, which narrowly missed the jeep. "Holy--!" yelled Tom.

They all jumped out with their hands up. From the bushes behind the 'Welcome to Missouri' sign came several characters. They all wore differing types of plaid shirts with worn jeans and work boots, all pointing lever-action rifles with scopes at the newcomers, "What business d'you boys have here?"

Matthew responded shakily, "We, we were just comin' home. We're from around here originally and haven't been back for a long while.

"Wait a second, Ellis, those are the boys from the Yukon!"

"So if you're from the Yukon, how are ya from here too?"

"We moved?"

Ellis gave them and intense look over a long pause then suddenly dropped his gun and said "Ok, you're in. Have a nice time."

Puzzled but relieved the guys jumped back and their vehicle and continued on as the three men went back to hiding in the bushes.

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Jefferson City, MO

There it was, the end of their ardous journey, Jeff City. The mid-size city was home to the capital of the Missouri Province of the Vinilandese Protectorate. They had already sent a message to the current governor requesting a meeting and upon parking at the capitol building, they were quickly ushered into the office of the governor.

The room was very nice. It was decorated with many fine materials and a brilliant oak desk sat in the middle, flanked by couches for the guests. The governor stood from behind the desk and walked around it to shake the hands of his new guests.

He looked tired. He wore a refined suit, but his eyes had vague, dark circles under them and by the looks of it he hadn't shaved for a few days.

"Gentlemen, please have a seat."

The Yukoners obliged and took a seat on the couches as the governor sat on his desktop.

"As you already know, I am governor Johnathan Wright of the Province of Missouri of the Vinilandese Protectorate. I must say I was...surprised, at your message to say the least. However, the formal paperwork came in, so it seems your story checks out. However, I'm afraid it's just not in the cards for you boys to rule this new nation."

They looked puzzled, but accepting of this. It was a long shot to begin with. Wright continued.

"But, I have some good news. You boys are popular on the world stage. No, you aren't world celebrities like some other foreign dignataries, but you have been found to be amicable, respectful and unassuming as well as comfortable to be around. Therefore, you will all be appointed as a Foreign Minister Team, a change up to usual international government policy. You'll be in charge of carrying out foreign policy abroad and at home, as well as showing our guests a good time. How does that sound?"

"Great, sir!" they said, not disappointed in the least.

"Who will be the President then gov'na?" asked Matthew.

"The President and Vice President will be announced shortly. There was an election before you arrived and the results will be posted tonight. But you boys look like you need some rest. We've prepared some rooms for you guys at the Governor's Mansion. You'll be shown over there where you can stay until you have everything you need together."

The Yukoners stood and shook hands with the governor once more, "Thank you sir, thank you."

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