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Playdate with the Princess


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OOC: This is a fun open RP. No assassination attempts, nothing of the sort, If you wanna join in, just say so. :P


Emperor Keehyuk sat through yet another boring and dull hearing session with two rather loud and obnoxious minor nobles disputing the bounds of their territory. Their argument, if Keehyuk recalled correctly, was over a matter of a few meters. He had half the mind of stripping both of their ranks for being such an annoyance. Still, they had booked this session six months ago so he would oblige them for the fifteen minutes that he needed to.

Once they had finished their arguing and finally came to the decision to compromise, the two were escorted out from the Audience Hall. As the doors closed shut, Keehyuk signed and slumped down in his chair a bit. Suddenly, he heard the high pitched voice of his only child, the young three-year old princess of Korea, Hyejin (though she's called Nia by most foreigners). He stood up and held his arms out as the cute little girl ran to him. He picked her up and twirled her around and her laughter filled the giant audience hall of the Gyeongbukgoong.

After a few spins, Keehyuk put the little girl down and she proceeded to run from column to column playing a spontaneous game of hide and seek. The two of them played for a bit while the Imperial Guardsmen lining the walls of the audience hall looked on showing the faintest bit of amusement at seeing the imperial family acting as themselves--just a regular family.

Having run a few laps around the audience chamber, the princess flopped down on the ground giggling.


Keehyuk squatted down in front of his daughter.

"Hyejin, be more careful. The floor is hard here."

"I knows Daddy but...I likes sitting on the floors."

Keehyuk laughed and ruffled his daughters hair a little. She looked up at him with a bit of a pout on her face. Suddenly her facial expression turned into a more of a quizzical type and she asked him:

"Daddy, daddy. You pwomised me we weregonna go see peoples, pretty castles, and stuffs in far away places."

Keehyuk smiled.

"We will darling, we will."

"When daddy?"

Keehyuk thought about it for a second.

"Why don't we leave tomorrow?"

"Tomorrows? YAY!"

Hyejin's face turned into a smile so big--much bigger than what Keehyuk thought was possible.

"Go to your room and ask Miss Taeyeon to help you pack now."

Hyejin immediately got up and hugged her father before running off with shouts of joy and laughter toward her room. Keehyuk smiled at the sight. He had been so busy over the past few years that he only had had been able to spend a little time with his daughter. Every second of those times were so precious to him. After a few seconds, Keehyuk got up and beckoned for one of the guardsmen to come forward.

"Please inform the Minister of Foreign Affairs that we will be beginning a diplomatic tour of the world. See if there are any nations who can be prepared to receive us within the next day or so and see if there are any other nations willing to receive us afterward."

The guard saluted and hurried off. Keehyuk looked from where he was to where his throne was. It would be vacant for a few days but that was fine. He would be back.

==Public Communique to all Nations of the World==

To the Nations of the World:

Greetings from the Empire of Korea. Presently, the Emperor and his daughter--the Princess Hyejin "Nia"--are beginning a diplomatic tour of the world. During this tour, the Emperor has no agenda to push other than to visit national leaders and reassess the current Korean Diplomatic Policy all the while spending a bit of casual sightseeing time with the Princess.. The Princess, however, will be on a much more casual tour as she will simply be visiting the world for the first time. Therefore, we are seeking nations who are willing to invite the Imperial Family during their tour.

We thank you for your time and hope to see many nations willing to open up for this tour.

-Imperial Foreign Ministry, Empire of Korea

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The Emperor graciously thanks all of the invitations. Below, the Imperial Travel Itinerary* can be seen.

*Itinerary subject to change.

OOC: For the sake of time, I'm gonna impose crazy RP time here and have each visit be on RL day but a different number of IC days. Otherwise we'll be here until the end of August. XD



Kingdom of Chochin

Khmer Empire

Republic of New Zealand

Promised Land

Mascurian Pakistan

Rebel Army

Greater Croatia

Kingdom of Bavaria

Eggman Empire

New England


Mississippi Confederation

Great Lakes States

Princesses make great target practice, she is most welcome on the Republic of Free Somal rifle ranges at anytime.

Respectfully, the Emperor declines your most gracious offer.

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Unless the young princess enjoys desolation, permafrost, rubble, and wilderness Procinctia isn’t a fun place to visit.

I can however offer the accompaniment of Procinctia sixteen-year-old Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Liska Atka, for the journey.

She looks foreword to personally meeting the princess.


Liska Atka, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs (acting Minister of Foreign Affairs)


From the office of Generalissimo, Generalissimo of Procinctia

How could I look forward to something I wasn’t notified of until after it was announced?

“Hey, I thought it might be fun to meet someone closer to your own age”

Maybe you should have thought about that before appointing me to Procinctia’s highest active diplomatic post.

“You’re the one who volunteered.”

I didn’t volunteer for anything, you announced it on international radio hours before bothering to notify me.

“Whatever, but it’s not like you had anything important scheduled.”

I was supposed to be studying advanced game theory with Instructor Jameson this week

“Don’t sweet it, on the job experience is more important than any amount of theory.

You’re just mad you don’t get to spend the week with your Promised Land teacher crush. . .”

FINE, I’ll go. . . but if you keep teasing me like that I’ll cut your travel funding in half.

“Wait, you wouldn’t, you can’t - I’m Generalissimo! Generalissimo of Procinctia ! ! ! You work for me!”

*Smirk*You don’t have authorization to access Foreign Office accounts, and you don’t have the funds to travel without my approval. I also can’t be removed without legislative oversight, and Procinctia doesn’t currently have a legislature.

I you don’t mind I have to start packing for my trip.

Edited by Generalissimo
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OOC: Generalissimo, just as a FYI, Nia is 3. :P
Out of Character Explanation of Humor and the Application of Sarcasm:

Liska’s still closer in age to Nia, Generalissimo was being a bothersome old man – it’s not funny if I have to explain it.

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