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Jackosia will improve national security as Military storm northern state

Jack Grist

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Jackosia is taking military action against terrorists who are attempting to take over the northern Island of Kalkli, which comes a few days after the President wanted to take total control of the country. Mainland Jackosia heard reports of around 35 terrorists storming houses and damaging preservation sites. The group is suspected to be Perkakacai, a terrorist organisation who attempted to take over just after the revolution of the country in November 2007, but was fought of easily by (at the time) military of the Revolutionary Preservation of Jackosia. Jackosia this time has managed to end the trouble in Kalkli, after the Prime Minister ordered over 500 troops onto the Island, therefore eliminating the problem, with 28 captured but others fled. It had been said the President prefered them taken alive for questioning. The President said "If these people want to continue to causes problems for the citizens of Jackosia, I fear that Democracy may not come for the people of Jackosia".

Also, the Jackosian Security and Defence leader has released information about a Strategic Defence Initiative to be developed on the 3 Jackosian islands in preparation if war was to come in the future.

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