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Silence hits 2 mill NS inside 10 days

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Since OTF and LEN merged to form Silence 9 days ago we've been working at moving everyone over to the new AA. Today Silence has passed the 2 million NS mark whislt undergoing this process. There are still people to cross over to the new AA yet too. Onwards to 2.5 million NS and beyond.


Now lets all run off to our forums or our public IRC channel @ #silence on Coldfront where beers, caek and cookies will be available for all.

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Thats awesome.

Congrats all and...

:wub: Baggy and Scorch and everyone else at Silence.

:wub: Jewel :wub:

Agreed. What are the odds of hitting 2 million right on the nose?

Just good fortune mon ami :ph34r:

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