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Time Marches On

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Official Announcement from the Desk of the Harbinger of Prosperity


It was not but 3 months ago that Ender Land came before you and Declared our Existence to the World. Since that time, we have grown considerably, formed many great bonds of friendship, gone to battle beside those friends, and rebuilt the rubble that was left of our nations. We continue to grow and build upon the foundation laid out by the founders of this great alliance and we come before you today to celebrate our 3 month anniversary.

If you have not yet found your way to our forums (here), then be sure to send your diplomats our way as there will be free Beer flown in from around the world as we celebrate this joyous occasion. I personally will be standing at the entrance to our grand hall ready to process all visas and our construction crews are readily building new chambers for each of our new diplomats to enjoy their own embassy. We look forward to having you join us in these drunken festivities and wish you all a good day.


Kronos is 3mos old

Kronos re-passed 1m NS

Kronos has 15 nukes per member

Kronos has a 50,000 average Nation Strength


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