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With the massive nuclear attacks by Naboo, all citizens have been ordered to stay in their homes as much as possible, and are being instructed in civil defense procedures for national lockdown and home shelter. Domestic NBC seals and supplies were being checked in the satellite towns, while in the main cities, stores were being checked for the nth time, as a full scale lockdown seemed to be ever more likely.


Upgraded national defense was on the cards, as a second nuclear reactor was opened today, to exclusively power the southern electrolaser turret. The northern installation had already confirmed several kills from the missiles fired from tasmania, and with this extra installation, hidden high in the Southern Alps, missile attack on NZ would be all but impossible.

The nuclear plants were powerful enough to enable constant firing of the electrolaser, unlike the Rockport installation, which had to charge its capacitors. These Mark II installations could also act as a AA network with their high rate of fire.

New power collection and distribution network completed. Satellite based 50% efficient solar cell arrays collect sunlight and use high power microwave transmission techniques to beam the power to earth, where it is converted back into electricity. This is expected to enable a large amount of energy to be gathered then sent to where it is needed without expensive transmission networks, especially, with the remoteness of the islands in our territory.
With the increase infrastructure needed to maintain the new territories, the completion of systems expansion through these areas, and the microwave power system was brought online so that power could be transmitted to the remote islands. Nuclear plants would continue to supply the high demand main cities.

In other news, today the much anticipated Universal Health System came online, with ACC sending its first payment shortly before noon today.

And finally, the birth of the thirteen millionth child of Aotearoa was celebrated today.

scientists have completed their launch loop, and are currently boosting the number of satellites in out Space Based Remote Power Array. The SBRPA is a microwave frequency power transmission array for the beaming of power to our often small islands, where other forms of generation are not feasible. They are also starting research on a fusion nuclear power plant to further boost national power production and indeed possibly start to export it.


With the new nation of New Zealand rising, a massive population shift has begun. Many millions who felt like they wanted something free left quickly - and many did. Approximately half of the nation's population left to go to other countries around the world, none having a huge influx in particular. Another few million lived in the densely packed cities on other islands that were cut off by New Zealand's announcement, and a few hundred thousand Marchars formed their own community and were not counted in the census.

Old Greater Aotearoan defenses are still up and running, although the Aotearoan Navy has major technical and design flaws that need to be replaced and refitted. The Navy is thus under construction. As for other Aotearoan projects, the technology to operate and maintain them is more than we can bear. We will slowly be phasing out extra technologies needed for a population much larger than what we originally had.

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Self-erasing documents have, according to several once-underground New Zealand scientists (who were once ridiculed for their ideas), started to improve. Ways to overcome problems for mass use are still unknown - however, it is the Council of Twelve who uses them for internal documents. Edited by Sargun
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New Zealand, at once without an army, navy or air force, has given a grand deal to Artemis Global Services to bring them to our nation. Every available man and woman in all offices around the world are to be called to New Zealand. While details and outlines are yet to be released (OOC: later this month), Artemis has stated that the enormity of this long-term project will take at least two years and cost an undisclosed amount of dollars.

Meanwhile, the Universal Health Care System has had to be shut down while the Council of Twelve overlooks a more feasible option. With less taxpayers and less taxes being paid by said taxpayers, not to mention the high cost of mental health evaluations after Aotearoa's collapse, the ACC will stop sending checks within a year.

A new plan to keep money safe, secure and paperless has been proposed. Using Aotearoan supercomputers, all money would be kept digital. While the plan has dismayed some who have already gone through large amounts of radical change, it would certainly cut down on governmental hassles regarding taxes, fines and loans. Rumor has it that the Council of Twelve has approached the Prussians to help them in this endeavor.

The Aotearoan electrolaser used as a missile defense has been shut down.

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//heavily classified.

"Is the child fine?"

"Yes, Master H--"

"No, you dolt, don't say my name!" He said viciously, pounding his metallic fist on the table. "I will be very, very angry. Keep her safe. She's only.." He nodded at the ground.

"Yes, she will be fine. You can visit her twice a month."

"Thank you, doctor."

And so he left.

(OOC: dun dun dunnnn)

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The Council of Twelve has been very busy with internal matters. While the majority of the deals have been completed, it is not possible at this time to release a detailed plan as to how we are going to take advantage of already-existing Aotearoan infrastructure. With that in mind, we will be releasing basic outlines of our plans.

1. Transportation

1a. Personal vehicles will be allowed in New Zealand.

1b. All personal vehicles must meet certain efficiency standards to be determined by the council not after three months time.

1c. "Speed limits" will be enforced. Pending further review.

1d. Existing Aotearoan transportation lines had many sensors to judge speed, position, etc. - these will be used to new effect by monitoring the rate of speed and position of every vehicle on the roads.

1e. All personal vehicles under five years old must have an alternative fuel option.

This is just the basics - until we can fully release all of our plans, we will continue to release outlines in order to provide the most important information in the least amount of time.

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2. Military

2a. All former Aotearoan military hardware - including, but not limited to, tanks, naval ships, the air force - will be immediately put out of action.

2b. All former Aotearoan military hardware will be immediately subject to an international review of feasibility.

2c. All former Aotearoan nuclear weapons are to be decommissioned.

2d. After an unspecified period of time, New Zealand will re-start her own nuclear program.

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New Zealand would like to make a brief announcement. All former Aotearoan nuclear weapons will be activated during times of war and deactivated during times of peace. If we enter a state of hostilities with another nation, the weapons will be activated and prepped for launch if necessary. Emergency activation is impossible.

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