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The Monarchy Speaks

Voodoo Nova

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Edward was sitting right behind the large wooden doors of Wawel Castle in the capital, Krakow. He took two deep breaths and walked outside. Out front was a small stage with a podium that had the Coat of Arm's of the royal family on it. He walked with a fluid step to the podium. He had no papers, no note cards, no teleprompters. None were needed for this particular speech, for he had practiced it many times. It was the speech that'll change Poland for the better or for the worst. He took two more deep breaths. He started to speak. His words flowed magnificently from his mouth, just as they would from any of the great speakers of the past.

My people. Democracy is a wonderful system of representation and bureaucracy. It allows you to voice your opinion, giving you a say within the government and ultimately controlling it. This, however, is where the problem inherently lies. In order to get something done, and to better nation, there has to be less of a chance of a lazy, incompetent man taking office by using a few pretty words and having a nice smile.

This is why I am transforming our government. The Sejm will remain as it is, with its members being voted into office by the people. The Senate will be appointed by myself and they will elect Councilors amongst themselves. The Sejm won't have any true authority, however, they will represent your viewpoints and advise the Senate, Councilors, and myself on what you believe and on what you want.

The people will always have a say in their government, mainly through the Sejm. However, they may send correspondence to myself, Councilors, Senators to let their voices be heard. You will not be my subjects, you will be citizens. Nobility will have a factor in appointed government positions, but that doesn't mean there isn't a possibility that someone of non-noble birth could be appointed.

Poland is now a Kingdom. We will bring back the golden age that we once saw under the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. This golden age will bring Poland back to prominance; culturally, academically and and economically. We will ensure that no one takes away what is rightfully ours and we will fight to the bitter end to make sure they don't. A new age has dawned in Europe and a new age have dawned for the Kingdom of Poland.

He finished his speech and stood there. He had beads of sweat on the side of his head, just below the hairline. He was nervous as to how his people would react. There was silence for a minute. Then one person started to clap. A domino effect took over as the entire crowd clapped, cheered and shouted "Polska, Polska!". The new King took a sigh of relief. He stood there with a big grin, knowing that this was the start of something as grand as the halls in Wawel Castle. He walked off the stage and back into the Castle. Soon after, the crowd dissapated back to normal business within the city.

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We congratulate King Edward and the Kingdom of Poland for the transition to monarchy. We agree with you that democracy is grossly over rated and a sensible and responsible monarchy backed up by a representative civil service is the best solution.

Once again, we congratulate you, Sir.

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A peaceful transition, supported by the people of Poland. We congratulate our glorious Polish neighbors on their successful transition to a land ruled by one single man. As the great poet and philosopher Homer stated in his greatest work the Iliad, "A multitude of rulers is not a good thing. Let there be one ruler, one king."

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