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8BR Long Term Trade Circle

Craig Mellor

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Hi, I am looking for the following resources;

- Aluminum

- Coal (Herpes)

- Fish (I have this)

- Gold (Herpes)

- Iron

- Lead (I have this)

- Lumber (Maize)

- Marble

- Oil (CDavo)

- Rubber (Maize)

- Water(CDavo)

- Wheat

These resources give:

- Microchips

- Beer

- Scholars

- Steel

- Asphalt

- Automobiles

- Construction

- Radiation Cleanup

Post if you are interested, I will add your nation to a temporary list.

Once completed, I will PM the nations in the circle and tell them to remove their current trades and I will send the offers once they have PM'ed me back, the message will also include the links to the other traders also.

First in first serve.


P.S - I will accept and add you to the list when I go on next.

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I can Provide Aluminum and Gems(While Gems isn't needed, it's still good).

Sorry, cannot accommodate your offer as if I added your other resource (Gems), this would disrupt the 8 Bonus Resources and would only get 6.

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