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A small milestone

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Normally I'd be here posting some lovely little RP piece to go along with this post, but instead I'll just provide simple narration.

The 57th Overlanders were formed back on 3 November, 2008. We were the remains of what was the Hegemony of Periphery States, aka HPS. We founded the 57th because we wanted to get back to what we knew and did well and hoped that by doing so we would succeed where HPS did not. We started small, roughly 10 of us at ~110k NS when we formed. We set lofty goals for ourselves and we sought to do things right and not rush anything. We grew and we shrunk, we lost and we gained members, but through it all we remained consistent.

We have made new friends, reforged old friendships, and we've even made some enemies, maybe even more than we know (but that's life on Planet Bob, aye? :) ) but not once have we stopped working towards our initial goals. One of them was to reach 500k NS by 1 July. We fell short by 6 days. But that didn't stop us from continuing on to achieve this goal. Yesterday, the 57th Overlanders reached one of our original goals of breaking 500k NS. While this may not seem like much to you big boys and girls out there, to us this signifies that through it all we never lost sight of what we set out to do.

This would not be possible without each and every member of the 57th working hard and never forgetting that we're not just an alliance, we're a community of friends. This would not be possible without our friends who saw us as loyal allies and good people that like to drink....alot. We may not be the biggest, we may not be the brightest, we may not be the prettiest, but what we are, well, we're something and that's a lot better than nothing.


To the 57th.

We aim to misbehave.


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Congratulations Mech, Veneke and the entire Overlanders crew. You are an outstanding alliance and I am very happy to see that you have broken the 500K NS milestone. I look forward to seeing your future announcements (and catching up with you guys ;) ).

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We've gone and done what we set out to do, a tad late I'll admit, but that's all part of the plan baby, all part of the plan.

Congratulations Overlanders, this here is the result of a lot of hard work from a lot of folk, lets keep at it eh?

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