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An Announcement from OV and GGA

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The Emerald City Accords

Article I - Sovereignty

Both signatories shall retain their sovereignty and shall not take any action, directly or indirectly, that would threaten the sovereignty of the other signatory.

Article II - Non-aggression

Both signatories pledge to refrain from any attacks upon the other, directly or indirectly. Both signatories shall not condone any acts of aggression toward the other nor use sanctions upon the other.

Article III - Optional Defense

In event where war is declared upon one signatory, the other signatory is encouraged, but not obligated, to provide assistance in whatever way they can, military or financial.

Article IV - Civility and Communication

Both signatories and its respective members shall remain civil to the other in any public area and any disagreements shall be solved through private channels.

Both signatories also pledge that diplomacy shall be the first action taken in any incident.Both signatories shall remain in constant communication, either through forums or other forms of contact.

Article V - Espionage

Neither signatory shall engage in any acts of espionage or conduct any acts malicious in nature toward the other signatory, including but not limited to condoning acts of aggression upon the other and aiding an enemy. If any information is found that concerns either signatory, the other shall provide said information immediately and without delays.

Article VI - Termination

If either signatory wishes to withdraw from this treaty for any reason, they must inform the other 72 hours in advance where the treaty shall still remain active until the closure of the aforementioned period.

Signed for Ordo Verde

Sethb, Emperor

titodafarmer, MoFA

Dani_C, MoD

Sugarbutt, MoIA

Signed for the Grand Global Alliance

Signed on behalf of the GGA:

Manfred, Holy Triumvirate and Chief Protector of the Realm

DeScepter, Holy Triumvirate and Chief Protector of the Realm

Shaneprice, Holy Triumvirate and Chief Protector of the Realm

KungfuHamster, Elder Statesman

Degenerate108, Elder Statesman

scotchwithrocks, Elder Statesman

Emperor Lester II, Elder Statesman

ironchef, Elder Statesman

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GGA is signing with some good alliances lately. I'm happy to see they're on the road to being a respectable alliance once more.

Was there ever any doubt? No, don't answer that :P

Congratulations to me! I did all the work to make this happen, no one else deserves any credit whatsoever!

Gimme cake.

You asked for it:


Weird how GGA is suddenly the flavor of the week. Must have hired a better publicist.

We're just that awesome :P Have some cake (sorry ODN, but green cake is our trade mark.)

Great to see relations within the green team improving further.

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