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Anymous letter to Thomoson Cruz of New Andromeda

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A letter arrives covered in symbols of the masons, the new world order, the greys, the church of Scientology and a mimicry of the yellow sign. No postmark.

Dear Mr. Cruz

Have you noticed the Triumvirate Adviser of the Dragon Empire IS a lizard man? He has a scaley face and grey skin. We know the Greys put him here! It is obvious he is the best candidate to lead your state as he knows THE truth... perhaps if you are looking for an evil lizard person type to lead the government, he would be ideal?

Yours in the Faith,


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From the desk of Glorious President Thomson Cruz,

Dear anonymous friend,

Thank you for this suggestion, but I am afraid that we will have to deny this request. Although this is the ideal candidate to lead our nation, we are sorry to point out that even the greys, lizardmen, chupacabras, and bigfeet combined can't just come and tear the fragile and complicated world of politics apart like this, it will be too conspicuous and the general public will certainly notice their existance. Your candidate will have to wait until the next election to infiltrate our government. Best of luck!

Klatu Barada Nichto,

President Thomson Cruz

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