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It has been 1 week since our Declaration of Existence and we have been hard at work fixing some errors in the charter (which will follow at the end of this short speech) and slowly getting new members. Today I am proud to announce we are up to 6 members with an ANS of 61k and we are flourishing like the cherry blossoms in the garden on a sunny spring day. If you don't believe me go check our alliance stats pages. Mushroom Kingdom and Genesis are great protectors to have an I am proud to have them protecting Ronin. Helga, Nitemare and Uberspion have been great contributors since our inception. A big thank to those 3 for being the best founding members an alliance could have.

I want to nip this one in the bud to stop my IRC from blowing up with queries. I have made the decision as Shogun of Ronin to accept Caffine into our ranks. Out of the people I talked to, no one could give me a valid reason NOT to accept him. I believe everyone deserves a second chance and if I, personally can give alliances like Valhalla and TPF a second chance, the world can give Caffine a second chance. I, and Ronin, will stand by him until we have a damn good reason not to.

New IRC Channel:#ronin on coldfront.

Well with out further ado, here is our current amended charter. No provisional government yet, don't want too many chiefs with out enough squaws.


The Charter of Ronin


We, the undersigned nations, agree to surrender a measure of our individual sovereignty to gain glory, mutual protection, national growth and most importantly shared fellowship and therefore do hereby ordain this Charter of Ronin.

Article 1: The Bushido Code

All members shall abide by the 7 Virtues of the Bushido Code at all times. These virtues are:

* Gi - Rectitude

* Yu - Courage

* Jin - Benevolence

* Rei - Respect

* Shin - Honesty

* Meiyo - Honor

* Chugi - Loyalty

Article 2: Member Rights and Responsibilities

  • [li] 1. All members of Ronin shall be possessed of these inalienable rights.
    * All members have a right to freedom of speech.*
    * All members have a right to be secure from aggression.
    * All members have a right to grow their own nations and to share in the prosperity of Ronin.
    * All members shall have a right to vote in elections, on changes to this Charter, on treaties of aggression and on war.
    2. All members of Ronin shall have the following responsibilities:
    * All members shall abide by the tenets of the Bushido Code at all times.
    * All members shall respect their fellow members.
    * All members must be consistently active within the alliance and must make themselves available by some form of instant messaging utility (AIM, IRC, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN Messenger ) in addition to forum activity.[/li]

*This right shall be limited in two instances. First, from time to time, by vote of the Imperial Council, this right may be curtailed on the Cybernations Official Forums due to foreign policy objectives. Second, flaming will not be tolerated as a legitimate form of speech.

Article 3: The Imperial Council of Ronin

1. Ronin shall be governed by a council consisting of five members. 1 of the council members shall be the Shogun (Warlord). Two of the members shall be appointed by the Shogun. The two remaining members shall be elected. These non-Shogun members shall be called Daimyo

2. The Council shall be denied the following powers:

* The power to amend the Charter of Ronin.

* The power to appoint new Shogun.

3. Military and Finance shall be the appointed position. Interior and Foreign Affairs shall be elected.

4. Shogun Emeritus shall be a position that is open to any original founding member of Ronin who wishes to join the alliance at a

future date. Upon joining the alliance they will assume shared responsibilities with the other Shogun. The list of Shogun Emeritus consists of the following nation rulers. Trace, sharpeshoote and Planefinder.

5. The Shogun is the head of the council and can act as the sole voice of the council when necessary


Article 4: Approval of Treaties and Declarations of War

1. Treaties must be approved by a majority vote of the Imperial Council.

2. Treaties binding Ronin to obligatory aggression must be approved by the general membership of Ronin. These types of treaties will be placed before the general membership for a period of 1 day (24 hours) and treaties will be considered passed if they have a vote of 50% +1 of the voting members.

3. To withdraw from a treaty, a majority vote of the Council is required.

4. Declarations of aggressive war must be approved by a majority of the Imperial Council..

5. Due to the necessity of speedy response an Imperial Council member may approve immediate military action in regards to imminent and unavoidable threats to the alliance.

Article 5: Amendments to the Charter

1. The Shogun is the responsible body for amending the Charter of Ronin.

2. Charter amendments maybe submitted by any full member of Ronin.

3. All Charter amendments, once drafted, must be approved by a majority vote of the Council.

4. Once approved by a majority of the Council, all amendments must then be put before a vote of the general membership of Ronin. The vote will last for two days and to pass, an amendment must garner 50%+1 vote of the voting members.

Article 6:Tech/Land Raiding

1. Members of Ronin are not encouraged to raid but government does understand that it helps bolster alliance activity and will allow it

as such. But with restrictions.

2. No members may attack anyone who is in an alliance of more than 4 members.

3. No member may crawl back !@#$%*ing after they raid someone and then get their $@! kicked by the raidee's buddies.

4. All members wishing to raid must gain a permit to raid from the Council member who is appointed Daiymo of Defence.

Article 7: Random Crap

1. This charter will go into effect once Ronin has achieved 25 members. All original members of government will be appointed by the Shogun and remain in position until the goal of 25 members is achieved. This charter is subject to change at any time. Ultimately the responsibility to do the right thing for the alliance comes down to the Shogun. Ego's should be put aside for the benefit of Ronin, at any point this becomes an issue it is up to the membership to bring the leadership back down to earth.

2. At no point will Ronin take up arms against the Independent Oceanic Alliance and will support her brothers and sisters in Oceana whenever possible. Should any entity attempt to break this bond, may Spalsh Woman have mercy on thier soul because we shall not.

3. Anyone wearing a ninja avatar will be tarred and feathered in public. Ninja are the ideological enemies of the samurai.

4. There is no set color for Ronin, all are welcomed to join. But Blue and Aqua are the preferred colors.

5. This charter maybe be revised by the Shogun at any point before the membership requirement is met.


  • Ronin has no set nuclear weapon policy and will decide the appropriate action/response for any given situation that might arise against Ronin.
    -Anyone who nukes with out the permission of the Shogun is subject to disciplinary action at the hands of the Imperial Council.
    -The Shogun has the opinion that Nuclear Weapons are a DETERRENT and will be used accordingly
    Anything not specifically outlined is assumed to be allowed with permission of the leadership until the Shogun or Council prohibits it.
    Any permanent member of the council who becomes inactive or leaves the alliance/game shall ultimately be replaced by the Shogun. The method for replacement is as follows:
    * 1. A nomination period lasting 24 hours shall be posed to the Ronin Membership.
    * 2. Once the nominations are finished, a QnA session with the membership will ensue for the candidates.
    * 3. QnA session will last 72 hours and will be brutal.
    * 4. After the QnA session the Shogun will choose a new permanent member of the council. The shogun is encouraged to seek the wisdom of
    the Council and Membership to help make the final decision.

Signed in Blood,

AirMe, First Shogun of Ronin


tl;dr Charter Update, 6 members, Caffine

Edited by AirMe
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Congratulations on your growth Airme and Ronin! I amongst many know we will see great things coming from your quarter, and giving caffine a chance is the first of many. Best wishes for your continued growth.


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You insult me. I'm quite an important figure. I mean, Ronin will be having alliances merging into it like crazy because of me. :awesome:

)): Athens 2.0 )):

I thought you weren't a huge fan of mergers?

Edited by Alicia
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