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Ferrous' Last Lecture


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I know that this is abrupt, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Sometimes people forget that this is a game. You are supposed to enjoy yourselves. People play this in their spare time, when they are avoiding work elsewhere, or to meet new friends on a lonely Friday night. I've been there on all three accounts. It is on that basis - that people can do what they please here - that I lay the foundations for my own brand of philosophy, right before I hit the kicker.

People have free will. They can come and go as they please, attack who they please, vote for who they please, and join whichever alliance suits their desires the most - whether that be cold hard cash, a small community, or the feeling of being something larger. With one exception, a person can do any action he or she wants or say what he or she wants. That one exception is that an individual cannot declare war on someone outside of his or her range.

If all actions were isolated, one time events, then we'd probably see much more "chaos" then what we currently see. Why? Because people are smart and usually sympathetic to the emotions of others. On the first account, people generally understand that there is retribution for a dumb move, and rewards for a smart or honorable one. Rewards in the material aspect are immediate - the person who manages his or her nation will get the benefits in terms of better nation growth. Rewards in the social/political aspect are harder to gauge, but they can be seen as moving to positions of more political influence. Likewise, there are only two major forces in the Cyberverse: material and political. Do the two coincide? Yes. Do they necessarily rely on one another? Not necessarily. But that's for someone else to flesh out.

On the second account, people are usually willing to negotiate rather than break out into a full fledged fight over a matter, no matter who is wrong and who is right. The reason is because people don't want to be hated - there is a social pressure in accepting certain terms so that you don't doom the rest of your alliance, if you had said a dumb word.

So what does this all boil down to? Planet Bob is an organic community. The people themselves, by virtue of their freedom to act how they please (albeit typically curbed because of outside influences), shape the Cyberverse themselves. So while you're here, make it a fun place. It's supposed to be a game.

And that's what this is really about. Most games may last a person a year at most. Those dumb massive multiplayer games open role playing games may suck 2 years away from you. CN? For me, it apparently tops out at around 6 months. Who knows, maybe I'll be back. CN is certainly a unique game and there are some people here I legitimately want to meet in RL. The fact of the matter is, I no longer really enjoy myself here. It's more of a blackhole in terms of wasting time and I feel burdened by the number of responsibilities that I admittedly took on myself. I'm not enjoying myself, and on top of that, RL responsibilities have been taking over. Lovely stuff.

So off I go. Maybe I'll swing in on IRC every once in a while and see how folks are doing. In the meantime, I'll do some shoutouts and be on my way. For those of you included in the shoutouts, if you want, I'll be more than happy to share my e-mail or other contact information. It'd be great to keep in touch.

(Disclaimer: if I don't mention you in my shoutouts, then I'm sorry. Truly)

  • Nahzryn: You sir, are one smart man. Don't let the stress get to you, and enjoy yourself here on Planet Bobbo. I'll miss our fireside chats.
  • Mia: You girl, are an amazing leader. I'll be damned if you don't lead TOOL some day. And even if you don't, I know your comrades will always hold you in high regards.
  • Duncan King: If you ever take !@#$ from someone, I'll know that it's not really you. Also, one of the better people I've ever served under. Keep it up.
  • Xiphosis: Same goes for you, except that I've never served under you. If I come back to CN, GOD will be quite high on my list of places to apply to.
  • Warrior Concept and King_Srqt: For some reason, I've always paired the two of you together in my head. Both slightly goofy, and both good people to have in any alliance. I wish you guys luck in the Cyberverse, and in real life.
  • Delta1212: I've known you by far the longest of anyone here in CN. I'll miss you so much that I'll get a cupcake every friday!!!! Ah, who am I kidding. I know that one way or another, we'll probably keep in touch.
  • Suvorov: Give DK !@#$. Make her work.
  • DoctorRodders, Gogeta, Vanadrin Failing, Burnsey, Kzoppistan: You all passed the University classes. Sorry I didn't give you guys a proper finish... maybe I'll give you guys your own separate lectures for your subjects before I officially go. You guys all, without exception made me proud. You've really taken to your subjects and made a real effort to perform. I respect that, and it reflects well on you.
  • Kzoppistan (again): I might be a little egotistic here, but I at least used to think of you as my prodigy. You took to this game like a fish to water, and I couldn't be more pleased to have a pupil. That said, the period has long passed where I have been your mentor, and now respect you completely as a peer in political affairs. I look forward to seeing your own thoughts, and I love how you whip out some tidbit of wisdom that makes me think thrice about what it is that I'm saying. Keep that. It gives you style.
  • To Sulmar, Vicente, iMatt15, Gogeta (again), Skippy, MrSka, Panther: When I came to Zenith, you guys made me feel like I was home. I'm sad to see that a few of you have moved on, but you guys totally rock. By far, the best members I've ever had the pleasure to work with.
  • Metictype: Keep playing the flute.
  • BlackJackCF: Hopefully I'll get to talk to you on IRC at some point. Good luck in everything, mate.
  • Shamed: I hate you. Not really, I think you're pretty cool, actually.
  • Cupcakery: Holy crap it's been fun. I'll still be around from time to time.
  • Maroon: My one true love. Remember folks, February 14 = maroon day. Don't forget it, or else Smith will come after you.
  • Zenith: Sorry guys. I feel terrible about doing this, but I have to attend to my needs. I've been in a number of alliances (TTK, RIA, IDF, UPN for a brief stint), and you guys were by far my favorite, by a long shot. You are the other top consideration for an alliance to join if I come back. We'll see. When I come on IRC, I'll be more than happy to chat with you guys. You felt like family.

And with that, peace out people.

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The writer of my favourite CN blog stands before me. What you've always had to say was always a wonder to read and ponder about.

I can only hope you'll find the fun in CN all over again. Until then, good luck and hope you get these problems out of the way.

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Bye Ferrous. You have been a great teacher, infact I have been meaning to discuss that Prisoners Dilhema with you.

Good luck in Real Life, you have been one of the most intellegent and fun people I met here in Cybernations, and I really will miss you a lot.

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No Ferrous! No!!

When I got home today, I thought it was going to be a great evening...

Turned out I was wrong :(. CN's losing one of its most intelligent and BEST players.

RL sure does know how to be a killjoy...

Ferrous, best of luck on life! Doesn't take a genius to figure out you'll be succeeding.

If I don't see you on IRC... then keep in touch by email or something, please!

This sucks... but I'm also happy that you're moving on to take a huge step in life.

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Give me your email plz - it's sad to see you leave, but I understand your thoughts completely. You were also very high on my list of people I admired, especially the way you were able to express your thoughts on paper (forums :P )

Keep in touch man.

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Good luck to you Ferrous, but I really wish you would have said goodbye to us beforehand so we wouldn't have to find out like this. :(

Thank you.

I know it's not ideal, but if I did it like that, I'd never leave.

The amendment clauses of many defunct alliances salute you, Ferrous. May Smith shield you with his mighty tarp, always.

Take care. wink.gif

Hallelujah, brother.

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I'm not mad because at least this time I get warning instead of having you vanishing off into the sunset suddenly like the last two times.

Also, now I have your e-mail and cell number so you can't get away. :P

Edited by Delta1212
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Ferrous, I'm having trouble expressing my thoughts, as they seem be obstructed by overwhelming feelings. I can say without a doubt that you are one of the most interesting and intelligent people I have ever met. I still had so much to learn from you, and I know if you had the time, you'd still been gracious with your knowledge and patient with your teaching.

My heart is very heavy right now, but I'm also comforted by the surety that you will succeed at everything you do.

You've challenged the way I think and made me work harder to both examine the particulars and understand the subtle connections between them all.

Your impact on CN cannot be denied and you touched many people's lives.

I would be remiss if I didn't also acknowledge the genuine good heart you have. Keep that light; it will take you very far.

Take care, my friend.

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I am so going to miss you. *goes hunting for other ways to contact you * You're not escaping that easily.

You've been one of the best people I've encountered in this game. One of the true friends I could call upon for advice. You say I am a good leader but so are you. You've taught me a lot but just about friendship and trust. It is more than I could ever ask for that you gave me your friendship. I'm glad I met Nahz so I could meet you. You've both broadened the game so much and made it enjoyable.

I'm glad to have met you. :)

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