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Buryatia sends team to Okhlon Island

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BCNA: Buryatia’s Okhlon Island project

“Scientists from Buryatia are scheduled to make a research trip to Okhlon Island in the Lake Baikal region in the next few days. The Scientific Research Council, in partnership with the Environmental Preservation Committee, has sponsored the trip to the Baikal area. The scientists are expected to examine the environment on the island, as well as undertake sustainability and impact assessment studies.

The Scientific team will also include several archeologists who will be examining the area and potentially carrying out excavations with the approval of the Environmental Preservation Committee. The teams are due to arrive at Okhlon in two days, and will remain there for a month.

Some local leaders in the Baikal area have expressed a desire to erect some form of monument on the island in honor of Buryatia’s Independence and the special significance given to the region as the cultural and spiritual heartland of the nation. This proposal would require the approval of the EPC prior to the start of any construction. While there has been a proposal for a monument for quite some time, it is believed that the decision to choose Okhlon Island as its location may have been influenced by the recent headlines that the nation of Yamato had expressed an interest in the island.

We will be sending a team of journalists to follow along with the scientists and we will keep you informed on the status of the Okhlon Island project”-Reporter

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