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Public Lecture from the King to a University of Caen class on Political Science

Although the Kingdom operates on a Monarchy, and I am the leader of the nation, I am by no means higher than the rest of you. I consider myself a citizen of the nation, and the voice of the people to the national parliament. I am encouraged to go out into the country and be with the people and listen to their opinions. To many leaders, this would be a challenge, as people would flock to see the king. In Normandie, however, the people see me as just a liason to the government and someone who leads and listens to the country, rather then leads and makes decisions without knowing the country at all.

The entire basis of the government is that the people should stay out of the government unless they have knowledge of how politics and economics work. In that case, they should run for office. Your "average joe" probably thinks he knows what he wants the government to be, but is egregiously incorrect in the application of his ideas. This is why political parties recruit students in college that are studying politics or economics. The Royal Armed Forces recruits officers who are studying military sciences and tactics. The people who are just getting liberal arts degrees or studying to become an underwater basket weaver should be left to just that.

With those things in mind, there is a sort of deviation from democracy and egalitarianism, as the political leaders and the citizens are two completely different classes of people. However, one can be born into the citizenry and get into politics, just as the son of a senator can become a soldier, and vice versa. This works for the Gaelic/French peoples of Northern France, and although it may not work for another people, it is certainly a basis for government structures across the World.

For example, look at the Nordlanders, they would probably prefer a fascist system that guides them through everyday life, and feel lost in a democracy, while the Americans would feel oppressed and rebellious in a fascist system. It is all an issue of nature vs. nurture. This is partly why most of the government springing up from Nordland are monarchies, with very few democracies. Different ethnicities are different in personality and in the mind, because that is how their ancestors were raised.

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Your Highness,

I have recently read your lecture on the benefits of Egalitarianism and while there are many strengths to this argument, I would love for the chance to debate both the strengths and weaknesses with you.

First I would like to applaud your behavior with your people. Few leaders in the present world take the precious time to discuss the problems that are facing our modern states. Citizens and subjects both need to be shown that the government does care about them, because unfortunately the majority of governments in the world these days are nothing but faux despotism posing as either benevolent monarchies, democracies, or in some cases, chose not to hide their despotic reigns at all. Is despotism bad? No, but it has been proven over and over again that it is ineffective past a certain point. Leaders gain too much control and people either live in fear of the power of the leader or they live in blind love. In despotism there is no gray area, because it is not permitted. Hence why in my mind, Communism, Fascism, and Absolute Monarchism have proved ineffective in the past. Because once citizens and/or subjects discover the gray area. They desire to expand their minds, which I despot refuses to see.

The idea that government is suited for everyone is wrong, but not to the level that you have described. People know what is best for them as individuals. A government must then decide to reflect on two different ideals. A policy of "For the Good of the Individual" or "For the Good of the Society". A government that focuses on the individual will be hard pressed to please everyone, however it can be done in an open democracy that the Greeks practiced in Athens. Most would say that a democracy in nations of our sizes would be impossible. However with the application of technology, this could be explored, in addition, Republicanism is not a failed form, only corruption does exist with the creation of representatives. What is important, is that a government in this situation tries to reach out to those citizens that desire to be voiced in their government. Town Hall meetings, political audiences, etc. Perhaps even to the point where the young collegiate students you speak off, go out into the community to gather the general consensus and voice of the population.

For a society that governs though the Good of Society. The Monarchies that you speak of and the more absolutist regimes can lead to greater success. Who knows what is good for the society? The glorious leader of course. We see this behavior across the world. However that does not make it right. I personally believe that the world needs to wake up from its hibernation and realize that its leaders while they have done great things need to sit down and listen to their citizens. However, that is nothing but a pipe dream, though the onset of the Dragon Empire at least practicing a form of democracy.

As you say further, people are used to such methods of government. But the past has shown that people tend to drift through governments. Democracies, dictatorships, even anarchy. Perhaps the fascist governments will return, perhaps not. But I hope that you will tend to celebrate the ideals of your people for long time in the future.


Tomas Pons

Professor of Political Science, Brisbane University

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