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Italy annexes Piemonte, Liguria, Valle d'Aosta

Agostinho Neto

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Troops of the Guardia Nazionale Repubblicana march in Torino

RAI Radio Televisione Italiana

The Provisional Military Government led by General Junio Borghese has succesfully reunificated north-western Italy with the Italian Republic. The annexation comes after a short talk between Italian and Prussian governments.

The 3 Italian speaking regions Piemonte, Liguria and Valle d'Aosta, have been subsequently occupied by Italian troops, and the national flag has been risen in the cities of Torino, Genova and Aosta. Just before dawn today, the borders of west Lombardy were reopened for the first time after the fall of the Greater Nordlandic Reich.


In light green, the regions annexed by the Italian Republic

Edited by Junio Borghese
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RAI Radio Televisione Italiana - Speech to the nation by General Junio Borghese

"Camerati! Black shirts of the revolution!

By the force of social circumstances a great event is taking place on a day in which Italy, after many years, has regained its state, national, and spiritual identity. Through the play of history and life, it seems as if Italy has, precisely on this day, regained its dignity. Italy is still divided, but unity will make prosperity possible. Unity brings Back dignity.

Italy, being a progressive country, should not allow people to be divided in the national and religious respect. The only differences one can and should allow in Italian society are between hard working people and idlers and between honest people and dishonest people. Therefore, all people in Italy who live from their own work, honestly, respecting other people and other nations, are in their own republic.

In this spirit we now endeavor to build a society, rich and powerful, and thus to contribute to the prosperity of this beautiful country, this unjustly suffering country.

Viva l'Italia!"

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