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I can haz update?

Markus Wilding

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Alright, as some of ya'll might know, I'm in Georgia right now. (NO I CAN'T VISIT YOU ARKANTOS/TASIR) I just now got the time to actually be able to get on a computer for more than 15 minutes, so I need some help to figure out what the hell's going on in CNRP...and it doesn't help when your grandparent's computer has dia-up.

So...what's the current situation in CNRP?

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Well, off the top of my head:

Yamato put out an ultimatum to Lu, which has now degenerated into semi-civil peacetalks

Lubek gave up it's old land to move to Denmark

Several treaties went by

Louisiana dissolved, Artemis Global Securities came back for a bit, and now Sargun is trying to get some land in Europe

ADI was dissolved to form Norway, which is now trying to unify

I know there were a few other things happening also, but I cannot, for the life of me remember

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Xaristan, Tahoe, New England and a number of other American nations signed the Articles of American Sovereignty and Self Determination, basically saying no foreign influence on the American continents.

Essentially, Tahoe gained new puppets. :awesome:

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New England's still building its border fortifications, which is half-completed. It took over New Jersey as a 'Protectorate'. It professionalized its military, reducing the number of the military, but making them much better and skilled in war. That's all I can think off the top of my head. :awesome:

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