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Announcement from YAAI

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In this time when new alliances effervescently spawn with shocking rapidity, I find it a prudent time to announce this declaration of existence of the You Are All Idiots™ alliance. We are currently lacking a flag, but I promise that it will be as flashy and/or professional a flag as can be found in other the other fine alliances that populate this world. Coincidentally, we are now accepting commissions for a flashy and/or professional flag by people who make flashy and/or professional flags for the generous price of my undying love and support. (Undying support may be canceled for any reason with no prior notice)


We, the numerous nations of the You Are All Idiots™ alliance, hereby adopt this charter with the promise to cheat, lie, manipulate, and otherwise deceive friends and enemies alike in our quest for moral superiority and larger statistics.

Article I: Government

A. The You Are All Idiots™ alliance has transcended the need for a cohesive and stable government

Article II: Membership

A. Any member joining must have the mental acumen to place the You Are All Idiots™ moniker in their alliance affiliation.

B. Membership is terminated when a member’s presence endangers, embarrasses, or otherwise inconveniences the alliance; these former members are considered rogues, ghosts, or a variety of other unpleasant labels

C. All members may speak their views unless these views conflict with the views of the alliance

Article III: Defense and Aggression

A. The You Are All Idiots™ alliance reserves the right to declare war at any time for any reason, though our reasons will be relayed through a series of forum propaganda and backchannel talks

B. The You Are All Idiots™ alliance honors all treaties and will not cancel during imminent war times

C. The You Are All Idiots™ alliance reserves the right to suspend treaties at any time

D. The You Are All Idiots™ alliance will treat all allied leaders as living deities and actively praise said leader's heroic deeds; all allied leaders forfeit this praise upon treaty cancellation and may be subject to ridicule, spite, and nasty forum posts expressing our distaste.

Article IV: Charter Amendments

A. The charter of the You Are All Idiots™ alliance is perfect; any members found criticizing the charter will have their membership revoked; any outsiders found criticizing the charter will be ridiculed and viciously assaulted

Article V: Ratification

I, AbysmalPea, hereby type words that makes this !@#$ official

This alliance is made possible by the alliances of Bob and by viewers like you.

Feel free to ask questions so I can ignore all the sensible ones and reply to the ones that ask if I like cake.

Edited by AbysmalPea
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