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Announcement from the Empire of the Prism Protection Front

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Official Dispatch From The Imperial Palace

Today, The Empire of the Prism Protection Front celebrates it's 34th day of peaceful and prosperous existance. Over the course of the month, the Empire has experienced several momentous changes, from switching color spheres, to dealing with a open revolt from within the Palace it self (The Royal Consort, Wickedj, was put in his place quite harshly). But through it all, my power has reigned supreme, with the Imperial Defense Force defending our borders admirably and without fail. In celebration, and in an interest to foster Foreign Relations, I invite all foreign diplomats to join me in an open Q&A in the IRC channel of the Empire, #Farkistan #eppf on the server Coldfront.

Signed on this day, 34th Day of the Founding, by his Grace Atanatar Alcarin II, the Magamonius, Wonderful, and the Defender of the Koala Bears.

EDIT: Through his great skill, the Commander of the All Soccer Players, CaptainJuan, has registered #eppf for the QA and general alliance runnings.

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