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The Tin Foil Brings out the Color of Your Eyes

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Good evening everyone. I am proud to announce the formation of a new alliance, Zero Hour. This has been in the planning stages for a quite a while and we are finally glad to get this started. So without further ado, I give you the charter of Zero Hour.

The Charter of Zero Hour



We, the sovereign nations of Zero Hour, do hereby band together in the enduring spirit of honor and friendship, on the aqua sphere, to draft this Charter, which shall serve to establish and preserve internal justice, domestic tranquility, common defense; and provide for our liberty and sovereignty within the world.

Article I: The Cabinet & Alliance Officials

Section 1: Government Structure

The government of Zero Hour shall be headed by The Tyrant King, The Tyrant Prince, and The Cabinet consisting of Ministers of Defense, Internal Affairs and Foreign Affairs.

Section 2: The Tyrant King

Zero Hour is represented by The Tyrant King, who is both the Head of State and the Head of government. The Tyrant King selects The Tyrant Prince and the Cabinet.

The Tyrant King is the Head of State, and as such is responsible for overseeing all government actions and is charged with representing the interests of the alliance upon the world stage. The Tyrant King shall make any executive decision not specified in the Charter. The Tyrant King is also head of government and is charged with selecting the Cabinet members from among the eligible member nations.

The Tyrant King remains in his position until he steps down.

Section 3: The Tyrant Prince

The Tyrant Prince is responsible for monitoring and directing the Cabinet to meet the objectives and policies outlined by The Tyrant King. In the prolonged absence of The Tyrant King, The Tyrant Prince is authorized to make any and all executive decisions outlined by the duties of The Tyrant King. In the event The Tyrant King steps down, The Tyrant Prince shall ascend to the position of The Tyrant King.

Section 4: The Cabinet

The Minister of Foreign Affairs acts as chief diplomat for Zero Hour. The Minister shall be responsible for deploying and coordinating ambassadors to other alliances, negotiating treaties, and assessing potential threats.

The Minster of Defense is responsible for the security of member nations, supervision of Zero Hour's wars, advising The Tyrant King on the military readiness, and coordinating military assistance between members.

The Minister of Internal Affairs is responsible for setting admission and membership requirements, recruiting, background checking, assisting The Tyrant King with internal public relations, and ensuring the mutual support and friendship of member nations. The Minister will also be in charge of Zero Hour's finances including, but not limited to, setting up tech deals, trades and inter-alliance aid.

Section 5: Order of Succession

In the event The Tyrant King steps down, the following is the line of succession.

1. The Tyrant Prince

2. Minister of Foreign Affairs

3. Minister of Defense

4. Minister of Internal Affairs

Cabinet members may appoint a substitute for their role in case they expect to be temporarily absent. For unexpected absences, The Tyrant King may appoint a substitute minister.

Article II: Charter Protection

Section 1: The Council

In order to preserve the integrity of the Charter, three permanent Council members will be appointed.

The Council will be able to authorize changes to the charter. The Council may veto any Charter change with a unanimous vote. The veto can be overturned by a 2/3rd majority of the voting membership.

In the event a Council member needs to be removed, the process is either for The Tyrant King to issue a vote, which requires ¾ affirmation of the voting members, or for the membership to start a petition of 30% of current members to vote for a 2/3 required majority for removal.

Section 2: Voting Protocols

A: Any member nation may make a motion to amend the Charter. Such motion requires the three Council Members to vote 2/3 in favor to be brought before The Tyrant King.

B: It is the right of The Tyrant King to enter into and dissolve binding treaties between Zero Hour and other entities for the good of the alliance. The Tyrant King must notify the membership immediately upon entering into or dissolving any treaty with any other nation, alliance, or alliances, along with a rationale for the particular action.

The Tyrant King will make a good faith effort to inform the cabinet and membership of any treaties being negotiated except in extraordinary cases.

Article III: Membership

Section 1: Membership Application

A. All Zero Hour applicants must be free of wars, not currently aiding enemies of Zero Hour or our allies, and can not reside on any ZI lists or be an enemy to any alliance.

B. Nations agree to maintain weekly forum activity, follow all orders given, and treat all other members and allies with respect.

C. Nations agree to change to the aqua team, vote for the appointed senator, and refrain from war.

D. Once a nation has applied, they are not an official member of Zero Hour. Nations will set their AA to "ZH Applicant". There will then be a mandatory interrogation period at which time the applicant should check and answer all questions truthfully. Upon acceptance, a nation may change their AA to Zero Hour.

Section 2: Conduct

A. While disagreements happen, Zero Hour members will always be respectful to other Zero Hour members, allies and enemies in public.

B. In private members are allowed to speak their minds, however respect of others and their opinions must be maintained.

C. Harassment of another Zero Hour member, ally or foreign ruler will not be tolerated. Violators will be expelled from Zero Hour and ZI'd.

Section 3: Application Format

The following format will be used for new member applications and is to be posted in the Membership Application area of the Zero Hour forums. Once a applicant has been masked as such they may switch their AA to "ZH Applicant".

Nation Name:

Nation Ruler:

Nation Link:

List Previous Alliances:

List any positions held:

Were you Recruited, if so by?:

I, Ruler Name, do hereby pledge to uphold the Charter of Zero Hour and follow the orders issued to me by the Government. I swear to defend the alliance in times of need, aid my fellow members and conduct myself in manner that is respectful of all members.


Ruler Name, Date

Article IV: Member Ranks and Privileges

A. The Tyrant King wishes to provide the opportunity for every member nation to attain any rank or position in the alliance, and encourages all nations to work toward earning any position to which they aspire. Some positions will require significant amounts of effort and competency; it is the duty of every member to serve to the best of their ability.

B. The Tyrant King may initiate a vote for termination of membership. The vote shall require a majority in favor from the Cabinet.

C. Dual membership in other alliances is not permitted.

D. Every member in good standing has a right to leave in peace.

Article V: War and Nuclear Weapons

Section 1: War

A: Zero Hour seeks peace between its members and other nations of the world. All offensive wars must be cleared by the Minister of Defense.

B: Should a member nation be attacked, all Zero Hour members pledge to mobilize the entirety of their military and economic resources in defense of the attacked nation, aiding reconstruction and war efforts to the best of their abilities as directed by the Minister of Defense.

C. In times of peace all Zero Hour nations are required to follow the directives of the Defense Ministry in regards to any measures required to maintain military readiness.

Section 2: Nuclear Weapons

A: Nuclear research, posing a critical advantage in national development, is embraced by Zero Hour. Member nations are highly encouraged to maintain maximum nuclear levels.

B: Use of first strike nuclear weapons requires the proper authorization from the Tyrant King, Prince or Minister of Defense. If a member nation is attacked by a nuclear weapon, they are authorized to retaliate with any and all weapon systems available against the offender.

Section 3: Tech Raiding

A: Tech Raiding is banned in Zero Hour. Any member caught participating in a raid, will be held accountable for reparations to the nation raided. A second offense will result in the immediate expulsion of the offender.

B: If in the unfortunate event a Zero Hour member nation is tech raided, they are authorized to go weapons free and defend their nation.

Article VI: Ratification

Signed by the founding members of Zero Hour on July 4th, 2009,

YohanElus, DrunkMonkey, Dodger and Bluto

The initial government structure looks like this:

The Tyrant King: YohanElus

The Tyrant Prince: DrunkMonkey

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Bluto

Minister of Defense: TBD

Minister of Internal Affairs: Dodger

Quick Fact List:

Alliance Name: Zero Hour

Forums: Located Here

IRC: #zh

Color: Aqua

Protectorate of Athens

Before we finish things, I'd like to give a couple shout-outs.

Londo and the rest of Athens. You guys have been great and we can't wait to see what the future holds for us on Aqua.

D34th, the creator of our flag. You did an awesome job and we love it! :D

Again, our forum is located here and our irc channel is #zh . Please visit either if you have any questions or just want to say hi (adult beverages & soda available at our irc channel party that we will be having the rest of the night!)

o/ Zero Hour

o/ Athens

o/ Tin Foil Armour

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New Protectorate


Cylons & Skyy Party Time Accords


In the interest of providing a secure and stable environment in which Zero Hour can grow and prosper, and in recognition of our mutual desire to see our relationship continue to grow, Athens and Zero Hour, hereby agree, in good faith, to all the terms and obligations set out in this treaty of protection.

Article 1: Non Aggression

Both parties shall enter into a state of non aggression with one another for the entire duration of this treaty and agree to never conspire or commit acts of espionage against one another. Both parties also agree to never give any form of aid or assistance to an alliance or individual that a signatory of this treaty is militarily engaged with. Any overt or malicious violations of this article may result in the immediate cancellation of this document by the affected party.

Article 2: Sovereignty

Both parties shall remain sovereign, independent entities at all times and agree to never knowingly interfere in the external and internal affairs of one another. Since Zero Hour is a protectorate of Athens, they must inform Athens of any new treaties that may be signed with an outside signatory. Any overt or malicious violations of this article may result in the immediate cancellation of this document by the affected party.

Article 3: Respect

Athens and Zero Hour agree to remain respectful towards one another at all times in all public domains and agree to never troll or flame each others allies. Any disputes shall be settled in private, in a calm and dignified manner.

Article 4: Intelligence

Both parties agree to share any and all information with each other that pertains to the safety and stability of one another. Any information passed shall be kept confidential and not shared with any third parties unless explicit permission is given.

Article 5: Economic and Political Assistance

If requested and needed, Athens shall provide economic and political assistance to Zero Hour. The requests must be reasonable and be backed by a valid reason.

Article 6: Protection

For the duration of this treaty, Zero Hour shall be under the full protection of Athens. An attack on Zero Hour, shall be seen as an attack on Athens and will be met with a full retaliatory response from the Athenian military should diplomacy fail.

Article 7: Offensive War

Should Zero Hour wish to pursue an offensive war against a non signatory alliance, they shall inform the government of Athens 48 hours before doing so and for the duration of this conflict, Article 6 of this document will be suspended. Failure to notify Athens government will be seen as a breach of the terms of this treaty and shall be instantly voided.

If requested, and providing that the war is justified, Athens may participate but have no obligation to do so. Should Athens find it’s self at war, either defensively or offensively, Zero Hour is highly encouraged to participate, but have no obligation to do so.

Article 8: Cancellation

This treaty may be canceled at any time by either signatory. The canceling party must give a private, 72 hour notice of their intent to cancel and provide a valid reason to why they have chosen to cancel this treaty. This treaty shall remain in effect until the 72 hour period has elapsed at which point, both parties shall enter into a state of non aggression for 96 hours.

Should Articles 1,2 or 7 be violated, with no chance of a diplomatic solution that allows for the continuation of these accords, it may be canceled immediately by the affected party, thereby releasing both signatories from all the terms and obligations set out in this treaty at the moment cancellation notice is given.

Signed on behalf of Athens

Londo Mollari, Archon eponymos

Max Beck, Archon eponymos

Rsoxbronco1, Archon basileus

Jgoods45, Theorodokos

T1000, Polemarch

Eztoindajar, Agoranomos

Duke Lansky, Agoranomos

an4rk, Dikast

john jalapeno, Dikast

Medtech, Didact

Jack Diorno, Choregos

Emperor Jason, Demitheorodokos


Signed on behalf of Zero Hour

The Tyrant King: YohanElus

The Tyrant Prince: Drunkmonkey

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Bluto

Minister of Internal Affairs: Dodger

Our Current Protectorates are: Amenthes, Zero Hour, and MERC. Dont Mess. ;)

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I'm late... forgive me, I got hung up in a heated discussion. :P

This has been a long time coming, Yohan & I have been talking about ZH since well before the war. So for our DoE to finally come to fruition, I am beyond jazzed. We've got a great team to start out with in, Bluto & Dodger. We are looking forward to building on that foundation we have and carving our own piece of the Cyberverse for ourselves.

o/ Athens

o/ Zero Hour

o/ Londo

o/ Jgoods :wub:

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