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Ardoria/Tennessee Talks


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Hello my good friend,

There are a few things we wish to discuss.

One of the first things involves transportation. Geographically and economically, there are 4 major cities that are important and tie together: Nashville, Atlanta, Knoxville, and Raleigh. We propose a high-speed train system that would connect these major cities together. Of course, other cities could be added. Notably, the Nashville/Atlanta line would run through Chattanooga; a major rail connection. We would like your input on this. (OOC: The line between Chattanooga and Atlanta was proposed in real life but fell through due to funding. So sad. That's what we have RP for though!)

Another topic is our Mississippi defense line. We should connect them so that we have one coherent line for our mutual protection.

Speaking of mutual protection, we do not have a formal defense treaty. We would like to at least have an ODP or even a MDP especially if we unify our defenses. We could maybe put an economic clause in there if we go through with the train system or just to have in general. (OOC: I haven't changed my currency since you left the BTP so would our currencies still be the same?)

We hope to hear from you soon!


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All of the proposals seem very reasonable. Our Mississippi River Line is still under construction but since it runs all the way up to your border, they will be connected to each other anyway. For the treaty, one will be drafted for us to sign. Expect it within a few days.

The high speed rail line should have 3 parts:

1) A 4 track mainline from Roanoke to Memphis passing through Raleigh, Charlotte, Knoxville, and Nashville.

2) A 2 track branch from Nashville to Mobile passing through Birmingham

3) A 2 track Maglev from Nashville to Atlanta with a stop at Chattanooga.

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Yea, true. We just need to make sure that the border will not have a major whole or exploit.

The rail plans sound perfect. We will work to commence construction as soon as we can! We are sure this will only help bring our peoples together!

We are excited to sign a treaty! (OOC: Considering I now have none and I'm all alone in the world java script:add_smilie(%22:(%22,%22smid_16%22) Are you going to put it here? Or did you already make it? I definitely may have missed it. Thanks!)

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