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More on Plural Distinction in Currency


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As reported in this topic:


currencies that do not have plural distinctions are listed with incorrect plurals (eg. Yens, Dongs, Kwachas) in the 'Government Financial' section of the View My Nation screen.

After a bit of research, I have determined which currencies do and do not have plural distinctions, from among the currencies choosable ingame.

(Links to the Wikipedia page for each currency can be reached by clicking on the name of the currency)

Table of Currencies and Plural Distinctions
Singular Form

Plural Distinction?

Plural Form

Afghani No Afghani
Austral Yes Australes
Baht No Baht
Canadian Yes (1) Dollars
Dinar Yes Dinars
Dollar Yes Dollars
Dong No Dong
Euro Mixed (2) Euro/Euros
Florin No Florin
Franc Yes Francs
Kwacha No Kwacha
Kwanza Yes Kwanzas
Kyat No Kyat
Lari No Lari
Mark No Mark
Peso Yes Pesos
Pound Yes Pounds
Riyal No Riyal
Rouble Yes Roubles
Rupee Yes Rupees
Shilling Yes Shillings
Won No Won
Yen No Yen

Note 1: There is no such currency as the 'Canadian'. The closest real currency is the Canadian Dollar, which uses the standard format of Dollar/Dollars.

Note 2: It is stated by the European Union that in official contexts, the Euro has no plural distinction, but in common usage, it is permitted to use the plural form 'Euros'.

So as you can see, it is not merely the Japanese Yen that does not have a plural distinction, but quite a few currencies, and therefore it is incorrect to list these currencies with the typical 'add-an-s-to-the-end' plural form.


Currencies WITH plural distinction: 11

Currencies WITHOUT plural distinction: 11

Currencies with a mixture of both: 1

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