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Treaty of Karachi

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Treaty of Karachi


The Khmer Empire and Marscurian Pakistan have come together to strengthen ties between the two nations.

Article I; Non Agression:

The Khmer Empire and Marscurian Pakistan agree never to engage in Hostile actions against each other.

Article II:Defence

If a signatory is involved in a Defensive war the other signatory is encouraged to give the attacked signatory the aid it is required although it is not compulsory

Article III: Trade;

There will be no tariffs on goods as tariffs only serve to hinder trade.

Article IV:Cancellation

If this treaty is in need of being terminated 73hrs Notice is to be given.

Signed for the Khmer Empire,

Hun Sen, King of the Khmer, Emperor of the Vietnamese

Signed for Marscurian Pakistan,

Mikhail Stein, Sultan of Marscurian Pakistan

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