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BADGE has now established itself amongst the alliances of the Green Team Sphere. We are beginning to grow exponentially.

Here are a few good reasons why BADGE (Before All Death; Give Eternity) may be a great place to go or start:

  • BADGE is built upon structured militarian principles: we believe that with great structure comes great strength. However there IS balance in power amongst our government. Check out our Articles of Justice and Order to understand more.
  • Not ALL BADGE members have to participate in military actions: Yes, that's right. There is specifically a "Civilian" group of members just for this purpose, they are essentially protected by the military, without military or government power. When you just want to hang.
  • The possibility of growth is limitless: Why not be part of a history that may, one day, be of great significance. And right now, we are seeking well versed members of CN and anyone else that is seeking a challenge in growing with us. All nations are very important to BADGE.
  • Finally, BADGE, is young: Won't you be part of its growth? Become a member and guide this new alliance in a positive direction.

If you are so interested in joining BADGE or would like to know more, please visit your website listed below.

Our forum may be found at http://s1.zetaboards.com/BADGE/index

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