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Buryatia Space Agency launches satellites

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BCNA: Buryatia launches its first new satellites

“From a launchpad in central Sakha province, the Buryatia Space Agency (BSA) has announced the successful launch of two communications satellites BSAT-1 and BSAT-2. The two satellites were launched immediately after each other, and were observed by government officials at the site.

The Director of the BSA was also on hand for the occasion and expressed the hope that the BSA would continue to advance in the field of space exploration and satellite technology. The Director also expressed his desire to have a manned spaceflight sometime in the next ten years, if the government provides additional funding to the BSA.

Despite the hopes of the BSA Director, a manned spaceflight of any kind would be a very long way down the road and would require a dramatic increase in funding to the BSA. Despite all of this, the launches have provided the jump start to Buryatia's space program. Only time will tell if the organization will continue to grow from strength to strength, or if it will fade away with the changing of the seasons.”-Reporter


Immediately after the launch of BSAT-1 and BSAT-2, the military launches four of its own military satellites: BMSAT-1, BMSAT-2, BMSAT-3 and BMSAT-4.

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