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Spartan Defence Force Announcement


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As the round trails on and the [sDF] does too, the Director and me have realized that our alliance has a long road ahead of it and our alliance has a lot more capabilities than we originally thought, I mean we may not have the same capacity as RE but we've made it to 13th spot so far. I would just like to thank all [sDF] members and to our allies that have stuck with us to help us achieve 5th spot on Blue Team Senate aswell.

Master Target List:

For all our allies we've added a new feature to the Golden Star Defence Treaty which is the Master Target List. This list is of rogues and such that have attacked any alliance in this treaty and deserves some nice aircraft and ground attacks. It is found on our website/forum here and is open for all allies to use.

Rogues and Raid:

The [sDF] has a few members from some larger alliance attack us and of course we understand that these attacks are not personal and as such a small amount of members have attacked the larger alliances as well and would just like to state that the [sDF] does not promote, endorse or otherwise agree with attacking other alliances. If you do fall victim to an attack from one of our members we understand if you retaliate at them because they will be declared rogue by me and as such will be available to attack at will. If however it is only a minor attack with not much harm done please inform me or the attacker to stop and they will be punished.

Maybe not Gold but we're happy:

The [sDF] as stated before is on the rise to become sanctioned, we've accumulated lots of NS and members and would like to remain neutral at a top spot if predictions of our rise continue. We're currently at 13th place and have prepared our flag and have a great system set up on our forum/website. We are friends to a few smaller alliances and are trying to accomplish a spot in the Blue Team Senate; as a result any other blue team alliances or nations that wish to give us a helping hand are free to do so and will be recognized by the [sDF] as a friend and as such will be given a range of secret options for them to further their alliance.


Executive Chief of Spartan Operations


Chief of Spartan Operations



Secretary General


Director of Warfare

MLG St1ckypad

Director of Homeland Security


Director of Staff

TeK9 Shade

Director of Media

Mr Obamanation

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He had an "An enemy of the [sDF]", but quickly edited the option out because I think people were voting that for lulz :D

Lol pretty much. I guess I just assumed more people would be civilized but I guess that's standard edition stuff.

lol @ andy

lol @ popsumpot

lol @ Neo

This @ BEazy

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I'm sorry, but I just can't control myself when a poll leaves a silly option open :awesome:

Lol yeah I agree it was silly. But I just wanted to do a quick research. Anyway no harm done.....

*Popsumpot has been nuked :nuke:

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You guys have a bad name.

I'll take that as a joke considering your TE: Nation name. ^_^

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Is that the only URL you know or something?

We'll I guess the only way you can get to 890+ posts is to posts off topic and spam every forum. <_<

And if you can't take a joke get out of mine.

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Rather than flaming with BEazy I'm going to continue on topic, because it's not worth my time.

As of the 7th July the [sDF] made it to 12th spot, which I would like to thank my members and staff for helping us get there.

Also on the 8th July we made it to 10th spot and now have a nuclear armed nation, congrats to Dragonslayer.

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