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Empire Raises Taxes!


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As of the Third of July in the 2009th Year of Our Lord, the Empire of Korea has begun a massive monetary program to assist Korean citizens (Level three and above though in special cases, L4s and L5s may be considered) in their times of need. Those qualified for this program are those who are currently without income (though they must be actively seeking employment), the elderly, and others who are eligible.

For those unfamiliar with the Korean degrees of citizenship, the levels go as follows:

Level 1: Natural born Korean citizens whose parents were either L1 or L2.

Level 2: Natural born Korean citizens whose parents were L3.

Level 3: Naturalized citizen of Korea who has been living in the Empire for more than ten years (Korean language, culture, and history proficiency test required).

Level 4: Naturalized citizen of Korea who has been living in the Empire for less than ten years but has taken a sworn oath to the Empire.

Level 5: Permanent resident of the Empire who has not given up citizenship in another country.

The political rights of all five groups remain the same (as in, freedom of speech, religion, fair and speedy trial, etc.). The only difference is the priority in which they receive government money. For example, for education (though public education is open to all and paid for by the government, private institutions may have their own regulations on pricing [OOC: like how in the US, there is instate and out-of-state tuition])--both primary, secondary, and post-secondary, L1's will--regardless of what school they attend--have everything paid for by the government. L2's will have almost everything paid for and the list goes on.

OOC: I bought a SSS yesterday. :P

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