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FEAR Announcement

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Greetings, Cyberverse. Before getting drunk and blowing up mailboxes tonight, we have a couple of small announcements to make.

FEAR voiced support for TDO during the recent NSO-TDO debacle. During this, FEAR discovered old friends in The Democratic Order, and a new respect for TDO. As such, we have discussed and signed TDO's Declaration of Global Neutrality.


The Democratic Order's Declaration of Global Neutrality

The Democratic Order (TDO), by principles originating from the birth of the alliance, declares itself to be universally neutral, and peaceful. TDO will never launch an aggressive war without proper cause. As such, TDO is committed to pursuing non-aggressive relationships towards all nations and alliances throughout CyberNations.

The Democratic Order interprets neutrality as:

1 - non-alignment with any foreign alliance, bloc, sphere, ideology or non-member nation

2 - non-involvement in any and all foreign disputes between alliances, spheres, ideologies or non-member nations

TDO values diplomacy above all and will always attempt diplomatic resolution to incidents involving other nations, aligned or not. TDO reserves the right to decide when such diplomatic avenues have failed.

This public declaration binds TDO to its neutral, peaceful stance and serves as notice to all its member nations that they must avoid any and all deeds that might contravene this agreement and thereby violate TDO's neutrality.

To this end, we commit that any TDO member nation that engages in the initiation of a hostile act against any other nation or alliance will be liable to immediate punishment by TDO. This Declaration places no upper limit on the nature or extent of such punishment, nor shall it in any way limit other formal proceedings being taken against the offending member.

By making public this Declaration and annexed Pact, TDO seeks to gain global support for its neutrality, to prevent aggression being brought upon, or by, TDO members and TDO as a whole. We invite other alliances to Assent to this Declaration and Pact.

TDO Declaration of Global Neutrality, Pact

We, the undersigned alliances, agree to recognise the neutrality of TDO and to the following terms:

Article 0: Definitions

Signatories - Every undersigned alliance

Aggressor - Any nation that engages in hostile action against a member of TDO.

Hostile action - An actual, attempted, or threatened attack upon the targeted nation, or its citizens, territories, or properties.

Article 1: War & Non-Aggression

TDO member states are recognized and shall not be attacked. TDO members shall not attack the member states of any Signatories.

TDO member states are forbidden to initiate, or provoke another nation to initiate, hostile action against another nation.

Signatories are forbidden to initiate, or provoke another nation to initiate, hostile action against any TDO member state.

Article 2: Neutrality

TDO member states shall be considered neutral in any conflict, save for those in which an Aggressor has taken hostile action against a TDO member state.

Article 3: Protecting TDO

A TDO member state responding, even by force, to hostile action undertaken by an Aggressor against any TDO member state, shall not be regarded as a hostile act.

Article 4: Espionage

TDO recognizes all nations and alliances have the right to privacy, and as such, will never perform acts of espionage. All forms of information gathering will involve publicly available information, and only when such information has been released willingly by the stated alliance.

Signatories recognize that TDO has the same rights and will not perform acts of espionage on TDO.

Article 5: Illicit Aid

1a. TDO member states are forbidden to provide any aid to non-TDO member states or member states of alliances engaged in war, unless against an Aggressor

1b. Signatories are forbidden to knowingly provide any aid to Aggressors.

2a. TDO member state are forbidden from accepting aid from non-TDO member states at war or member states of alliances engaged in war, unless against an Aggressor.

2b. Signatories are forbidden to provide any aid to Aggressors.

Article 6 - Free Trade

TDO member states and Signatories are asked not to place restriction on Trade Agreements between TDO and Signatory member nations. Subject to the restriction in Article 7b, all members have the right to determine their own trading patterns within their own alliance's rules and regulations.

Article 7 - Sanctions

1. TDO shall not use sanctions on any Signatory member without first pursuing diplomatic solutions.

2. TDO shall not use Sanctions on non-Signatory alliances or nations, unless against an Aggressor.

3. Signatories shall not use sanctions on any TDO member without first pursuing diplomatic solutions.

3a. This Declaration and Pact does not seek to limit the use of Sanctions by Signatories against other nations or alliances, whether they are Signatories to it or not.

4. The loss of a trade by a TDO member nation as a result of sanctions placed by a Signatory in accordance with this Declaration and Pact shall not be classed as a hostile act.

5. The loss of a trade by a Signatory as a result of sanctions placed by a TDO member in accordance with this Declaration and Pact shall not be classed as a hostile act.

Article 8: Violation

Any Member nation of TDO or a Signatory alliance that violates the Pact by committing a Hostile Act shall be demanded to pay reparations to the member nation attacked. Reparations shall be calculated based on losses incurred during the attack, plus punitive damages not to exceed the calculated losses. If the individual Member Nation fails to pay the reparations, their alliance shall be obliged to pay these reparations.

This treaty does not seek to place any restriction on the further punishment imposed on a violating Member Nation by its alliance.

Article 9: Enactment

This Declaration and Pact apply equally to all nations.

Signed for The Democratic Order:

Theo Cupier of Theosophy - Chancellor

Jebbie of Amandom - High Senator

Mitch Daniels of Birgeland - High Senator

Lowenbrau of Miller Time - High Senator

Signed for the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics:

Canik - Grand Chancellor

Schmutte639 - Internal Chancellor

ClashCityRocker - External Chancellor


Also, we have some foreign diplomat ribbons to hand out. The following are long time diplomats from other alliances, that have always shown FEAR respect, and been cooperative and understanding in handling of foreign affair issues. These are among some of the best diplomats CN has to offer.

Bzelger of STA

Cookiemonster of Wolfpack

Quinoa Rex of TORN

Mia of TOOL

Borimir of UCN

Haflinger of Invicta

^ Have been awarded FEAR's Elite Foreign Diplomat ribbon.



And last but not least,


Happy 4th of July! May your beer be cold and your fingers remain attached!

EDIT: I lied, there was only "Ribbon & Treaty" Inside! Ha, suckers! :P

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Pssst.... Quinoa Rex hasn't been in TORN for about a month and change.

I personally don't really know Quinoa Rex, but she was suggested by both Schmutte and Clash. Whatever alliance she is in now, she was in TORN when she served as our diplomat. :P

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*turns bright red and blushes*

FEAR is the best bunch of people you could meet. Friendly, active and a bit insane. Also steadfast allies through thick and thin. I have enjoyed knowing this group and will continue to enjoy the friendship that they have to offer.

Thank you for this honor. :wub:

*spins Turetel on his shell*

:wub: Canik :wub:

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