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Lost Citizens when buying infra?

Kung Fu Geeks

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So yesterday, i purchased 130 infrastructure, decommed 5 gcs and 5 lcs. bought some border walls and collected taxes

After that i decomed all my border walls and bought back 5 LCs and was only able to buy 4 GCs.

I've swapped these same improvements before and never lost improvement slots. (before as in the last time i collected)

My trades are good

I dont have any events with a negitive population modifier

My environment looks to be the same as it was before.

I'm somewhat confused and was wondering if I'm missing something obvious or if something is buggy.

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Was your soldier efficiency higher than 60% of your citizen count when you tried to buy the GCs? If so, delete the guerrilla camps, dismiss as many troops as you can and try buying the GCs again.

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well, that was it.

For some reason i thought it was less than 60% actual soldiers, not effeciency. I purchased soldiers recently, but thought my environment was still the same.

Thanks for helping me find out the obvious.

(although im surprised that buying 130 infrastructure didn't overcome the hit by having to many soldiers.)

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