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Buying 50 Tech For 2 Mill!!!


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ok here is the deal to all the selling nations, you send me 50 tech and in 10 days i send you 2 million and the deal is off.

If there are some long term partners and see they're good i will proceed with 50tech to 3 mill.

Waiting for your ingame offers!

EDIT: when you see my nation and i have free slots send the aid and wait to be accepted!!

this post is a long term deal B)

i am with the disaster relief agency so i got 6 aid slots available!!!

Nation Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=239504

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I would really like to do this but being a new nation I do not have the tech to sell. If you would be willing to send $$$$ first I can send tech after. I have a 4x4 tech deal going now and you can see that I keep my word. I am getting another aid slot as we speak so I would be able to do it as soon as you would like. Please pm me here or in game if this would work for you. I am looking for a long term deal if that helps.

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