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Economic Miracle in Novus Niciae

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Over the past month since the exodus from Australia the Olympic Corporation working in close conjunction with the office of the prime minister has unleashed a veritable whirlwind of of growth,

This week sees the opening of a new campus of Novus Niciae university with a fully integrated teaching hospital.

The Department of Justice has also opened the Arbitrator and Justicar academies that will produce first class law enforcers to keep the island of Olympia a safe place to raise families and live a happy and relaxed life.

The Health department has also opened several clinics to ensure that the Nician people enjoy the best of health.

And the Education department has finally completed the public school system to educate the young people of the nation the the finest academic traditions of our illustrious past.

The prime minister was heard to mention earlier today that this is only just the beginning of a golden age for Novus Niciae and many new projects are either in the planning stages or are already under construction, and looking across the city we can see many cranes as high rise office buildings are being constructed.

In economic news a recent survey has shown that the average Nician Citizen now lives a lifestyle that was previously though unimmaginable, The average Nician working citizen earns well over $1000 a week while the cost of living has remained constant and consumer confidence is at an all high with many citizens purchasing luxury consumer goods from either local or friendly foreign nations at a record rate.

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