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Good evening, and welcome to Inside the Cult; the monthly news journal dedicated to revealing the mysteries of the Cult of Justitia to the masses. I'm your host Schattenmann, and we're now IC.

Justitia Rising

This month the storied villain-turned-populist Schattenmann told the world to talk to the hand as he departed Vox Populi upon its successful dissolution. Turning his face to the light, the ageless man of darkness undertook a journey to the abandoned Temple of Justice, home of the Moddess Justitia before her mysterious ascension, whereupon--awed by her legacy--he returned and founded the Cult of Justitia.

However, Schattenmann's silver pen lead him astray, hiding his intent among an eloquent recounting of his journey, bringing us to our next story.

Do what?

In it's first month, the Cult of Justitia has managed to get a lot of people asking a lot of questions:

Cult of Justasia?
Schattenmann, is your alliance serious btw?
So, I was thinking there MAY have been a few VEEEEEERY subtle hints laying about, but just what are you doing

Alright, alright, the Cult has managed to get a lot of people asking one question. And those are just the three our interns could pull up in the 30 minutes before airtime.

The Cult of Justitia is, in fact, an alliance. In researching this piece IC found members to be elusive on the point; however, the Cult declared its existence, has forums and an IRC channel, a government, and entertains diplomats such as GPA's president-deity Biff Webster, and ODN's Cataduanes (though one could argue that Cataduanes would register at any forum). Those rulers who weary of the same are welcomed should they wash up on the Temple's portico.

The Cult even holds a treaty with Nemesis, though just barely, details to follow.

Riddle me this:

Wishing to avoid techraiders and protectorates, the Cult this month signed an OAODP with Nemesis, though not without a thorough body cavity search.

Gems included:


Nice save, Shantamantan.


Creepy to say the least.


The session was not without it's hardballs:



There's one in every crowd. After disrupting the huggle session with hard questions, Captain Flinders was deported to Nordreich.

And, proving that Schattenmann is still a liar and awful, disgusting spy:


The session resulted in the OAODP, a shining pinnacle of diplomatic heights, and was adjourned thus:


Justitia's seeing Red

The Cult's true colors were shown soon after its founding when it launched the Justitian AA, a "safehaven" for unaligned Red nations left swinging in the wind with the recent butt-smashing laid upon NPO.

While the Cult's Presbyter claims that this in an altruistic measure of protection with no strings attached, IC has a strong belief that it is the intent of the Cult to use this ploy to hide banks and launch spy operations without liability to the Cult proper. Fortunately for Planet Bob, unaligned Red nations informed of the program have been wholly uninterested in protection from anyone by anyone.

The Cult also created a Red trading forum (the Roseum Venalicium) designed to do what trading forums do, foster trades. Upset that CoJ had beat him to the punch, the now-deposed leader of FIRE, one of only two other non-NPO alliance on Red at the time, had this to say in logs obtained by IC:

<Carter> It would've been nice if you discussed these red trading forums with us in greater detail

<Carter> before you just went ahead and posted it.

. . .

<Carter> I see, well we'd like a more serious effort towards a red team forum in the future.

<Carter> Something other than just a forum on your site, it's incredibly tacky looking.

<Carter> No other color has their trade forum setup like that.

<Carter> So why should we?

. . .

<Carter> We had no time to work out a treaty of any sort, or even just a nice looking and serious forum.

<Carter> If you'd like to make a plain ole CoJ forum to invite red nations, that's fine. But it won't be one place.

<Carter> I have a counter offer, we'll make a red.firenations.com, with an individual board set up for our purposes, and as long as you or any other notable person leads a Red Team alliance, you'll be granted Admin CP access.

The clear solution to the problems perceived by Carter--the location and appearance of the forum--was to relocate them to FIRE's forum and let Carter decide on the skin. Unfortunately, discussions were abruptly halted when Justitia used the unassuming Nintenderek as a tool of her will.

Too bad both tools neglected to realize that NPO already has a Red trade forum.

War averted

In the course of spamming every nation on the Red team to publicize the Roseum Venalicium, the Cult managed to hit a fair amount of NPO nations. Some of them apparently mistook an invitation to come trade tires for trees as an invitation to join the Cult, leading to a hot response from NPO's Cortath:

[19:31] <Cortath> Schattenmann, why are you recruit spamming my alliance?

[19:33] <Cortath> Ruler is soly7777

Using primary documents being his forte, Schattenmann snapped into action:

[19:34] <Schattenmann> To: soly7777 From: Schattenmann Date: 6/15/2009 8:10:52 PM

[19:34] <Schattenmann> Subject: Your economy

[19:34] <Schattenmann> Message: No nation can grow without the proper tradeset, tech, or income; as such, you are invited to participate in a new economic project for the Red team.

[19:34] <Schattenmann> The Red Market has been set up and opened in order for nations on the Red team to find trades, and buy or sell tech.

[19:34] <Schattenmann> Join both aligned and unaligned nations in this new program today!

[19:34] <Schattenmann> Simply visit and register an account, no application required: http://forums.coj-cn.co.cc/index.php?board=19.0

[19:34] <Schattenmann> Can't wait to see you!

The rebuttal:

[19:36] <Cortath> Hm.

And the solution:

[19:55] <Schattenmann> Well what I'm trying to say diplomatically is that if you want me to message everyone *but* NPO, then the list will have to come from NPO, because my list generator doesn't allow me to filter in that way

[20:22] * Cortath has left #CoJ

On the wings of Justitia

To date the Cult remains small and cloistered. Alliances that have grown faster have forsaken their identity and merged; alliances that have gathered more treaties have disbanded; alliances led by cooler dudes have been rolled.

The Cult remains, its path is clear, Justitia's voice comes to us from beyond the mists. Dare you take up her path?

Edited by Schattenmann
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I thought this was supposed to be This Week in Pacifica not This Week in Justitia. Pssh.

edit: In all seriousness, hopefully you can start to gain some momentum with your alliance, Shantamantaman.

Edited by cookavich
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I'll admit it. I ctrl+F-ed my name and wasn't surprised to see FIRE mentioned. :P

While this was the first I heard of that particular situation, it does not surprise me. I believe I speak for all of FIRE when I say that we wish you luck with your red trade forum. I may be by personally to use it to set up my trades when I finally switch to red.

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I'll admit it. I ctrl+F-ed my name and wasn't surprised to see FIRE mentioned. :P

While this was the first I heard of that particular situation, it does not surprise me. I believe I speak for all of FIRE when I say that we wish you luck with your red trade forum. I may be by personally to use it to set up my trades when I finally switch to red.

You heard it here first, folks: Nintenderek can ctrl+f himself. I'm either in awe or disgusted :P

That convo was but one humorous turn in the road, there are no hard feelings whatsoever.

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If I joined CoJ, would it lead to the Bubblegum Crisis?

You have to stay in NV:

If you think "funny" is the word you'd use when the Cult engineers the destruction of Nueva Vida by attacking ICENI! Hah! Ha-ha! Haaaaaaaaaaa!

Though it was only the tiniest strand of decorum that prevented me from asking you over pre-launch :ehm:

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