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Four Score and Eight Thousand Hours Ago

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TO: Citizens of Planet Bob

FROM: The alliance of Zenith

DATE: July 3, 2009

RE: An auspicious occasion

Four score and eight thousand hours ago five friends left what for them had been a hostile environment to strike out on their own. The future was uncertain but the goal was not: to create an alliance that they would want to be a member of. This alliance was Zenith.


The nursery of the new alliance was on the Aqua team, but tensions on that sphere led to turbulent times and caused the leaders of Zenith to look elsewhere. After much deliberation, the leaders of Zenith decided to leave the sphere that had been their home and set off for the White Team.


Zenith's first few months on White were fairly happy. The alliance made friends with its new neighbors and soon found its place on White. But eventually, as they often do, tensions rose on Planet Bob and Zenith found itself having to choose who it wanted to be. Some wanted to fight against the oppressive regime that had dominated Planet Bob for years. Others wanted to uphold the promises that they had made to their friends and allies in the months previous even if it meant that the alliance would likely lose a war. In the end, Zenith chose to fight for its friends and allies and those who did not agree fled the alliance in the hours before the war. When the war broke out, Zenith fought against the forces of Karma in defense of its ally TPF.


Already weakened by the departures, Zenith entered the Karma war. It faced very tough opposition from the forces of RAD, Argent, and Poison Clan. Although many in Zenith fought very bravely, the alliance was defeated very quickly as many lost large quantities of their nation strength. After a week of combat, Zenith surrendered.


Since the end of the war, Zenith has been working on getting back to normal and deciding what normal actually is. Some who fought the war with us have left to follow their own stars, those that remain continue to redefine what it means to be Zenith. After pausing for the war, recruitment has opened again and Zenith is welcoming the next generation of Zenithians into the community. In time, the will pick up the torch that the current leaders carry and lead the alliance into the next year.


Over the last year, we have had our ups and more than our share of downs. We have known growth, war, peace, loyalty, and betrayal. Through it all, we have stayed together and endured. We are Zenith


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I knew Zenith would be a success from the first time you told me what you were thinking of.

Sometimes you have to wade through tough times to realize how much home means to you. I celebrate the anniversary of the day you finally went home.

o/ Zenith

o/ DK

o/ Gogeta

(And just for the rest of today, we'll let you have sole claim to being the Pinnacle of Alliances)

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