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Althing Elections

Today, shortly after Update, voting concluded in Nordreich's first-ever Althing (Imperial Council) elections.

The following is an excerpt from my comments to Nordreich's membership in the Volksrepublik:

On the Althing Elections

First, I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the Althing elections. This was a very new experience for all of us, I know, but the Volksf├╝hrers and I have been extremely pleased by the quality of the candidates and the professionalism displayed by all of them during this campaign.

Each Nordreich member was able to vote for up to four candidates. (But electors could not, of course, vote for the same candidate four times.)

Since many of those who voted chose to vote for fewer than four candidates, it is impossible to know the exact number of voters. (There may be some way of finding out via a bit of 'admin abuse', but this might also tell me who voted for whom, which would rather dramatically violate the whole point of a secret ballot.)

Our best estimate is that voter turnout was approximately 43%, which is lower than I had hoped for, frankly, but higher than many so-called democratic alliances achieve. So congratulations!

Without further ado, let us go to the results:

Chiftelos of Zdubia - 36

Nemhauser of Chemelot - 35

Sigurd Odinnson of Niflungland - 23

XRCatD of Feet of God - 17

Gottrich Northeim - 16

James IV - 13

Marius Sozin - 5

Octovanyo4 - 5

The first four individuals are elected to a three-month term in the Althing. Congratulations! I look forward to working with each of you over the next quarter.

Nordreich's Charter states that final approval of the five appointed Althing seats rests with the Triumvirate. Accordingly, as voting came to a close last night, I presented a list of individuals to be appointed to the Althing for this Summer Term. I also asked for their recommendations.

The Triumvirs have approved the following individuals to serve in the Althing for the next quarter:

Captain Flinders of Ashley

FinViking of Ganthem

Gottrich Northeim of Tylen

James IV of Republic of Texas

Marius Sozin of Mikosck

Once their terms have ended, all Althing members -- both elected and appointed -- will be eligible for election to the Althing. (Nominations will open toward the end of September.)

Nordreich's Government

As a result of these elections, all government positions have now been filled. I am pleased to present a full list of Nordreich's Government:

Der Reichskaiser


Das Triumvirat

John C Calhoun


Oberherr Xenu

Die Reichsregierung

Samuel Houston - Minister of Foreign Affairs

SF Austin - Reichsgeneral

PuliSher - Minister of the Interior

pd73bassman - Minister of Recruiting

Ahumocles - Minister of Culture

Vinzent Zeppelin - Reichsbanker

Das Althing



Sigurd Odinnson


Captain Flinders


Gottrich Northeim

James IV

Marius Sozin

Nordreich Admitted to NOIR

On July 2 I was informed that Nordreich had been admitted to NOIR, the Black Team's Economic and Optional Defense Pact.

I will not dissemble here. The vote to admit Nordreich was not unanimous. There were both abstentions and nays when the question of our admission was put to the Middle Conclave.

I cannot say that I am surprised by this. No one is more aware than I that the name 'Nordreich' provokes a variety of visceral reactions -- both positive and negative -- in many people.

To those who supported our admission, you have my thanks. We will not forget you.

To those members of NOIR who felt they could not support our admission, I hope that by working together we can overcome whatever hard feelings may exist on your side. I assure you that none exist on ours.

Nordreich is fortunate to count among its members some of the best economic minds I have encountered during my three years in the Cyberverse. I think you will find there is much you can learn from us, just as there is much that I expect we shall learn from you.

As to the 'Optional Defense' aspect of NOIR, I need to be absolutely clear that in the history of Nordreich the words 'optional' and 'defense' have only been used together on the rarest of occasions. I intend to carry on this tradition.

Nordreich has always stood by its friends. Nordreich will always stand by its friends.

It is with this in mind that I extend my hand to all of NOIR.


Kaiser of Nordreich

tl;dr - Oh no....you're not getting off that easily. Nice try, though.

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I am very happy to see XRCatD in gov't

Congrats NoR

You know, when he announced that he was running, my first thought was, "Who the hell is this guy?"

Now that the elections are over, I can say I was extremely impressed by his campaign.

For God's sake don't tell him, though.

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I look forward to working with our new NOIR friends, and learning these promised economic sekrets. ;)


First thing you do is send me $3 million and 50 tech.

Your encyclopedias should begin arriving in about six to eight weeks.

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Congrats to all the elected officials, you all ran good campaigns :)

I also want to extend some thanks to the members of NOIR, I know our admittance was heavily debated but I think with time you will come to see us as solid contributors and great allies and we look forward to working with all our new friends in NOIR.

o/ NoR


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