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Military exercise

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Conti, The 3rd July 2009

Archives Ident. 2009/004M


Regimental Colours of the Naval Infantry Regiment

At a press conference held in Conti today, Colonel Beaulieu briefly commented the ongoing military exercise involving the Naval Infantry Regiment.

"[...] As you know our home waters are exempt from acts of piracy, however the disruption of major shipping lines by blatant acts of piracy outside Conti's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEC) is a growing concern. But we feel that we are still ill-prepared to face these new threats effectively and that is the rationale behind the ongoing military exercise. We’re taking a proactive approach and do not exclude to be deployed on merchant ships should we be required to do so. [..]The absence of a fully-fledged blue water limits our logistical capability to conduct large scale force projections operations. It is a matter for our elected representatives and you can appreciate that I am not in a position to comment on decisions that remain the prerogative of the Great Council. […] I will never stress enough that our military apparatus is primarily geared towards self-defence and the policing of our home waters, not to conduct expeditionary warfare. I haven’t received any indication that this policy is about to change."



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The Empire of Nations wishes you luck in your mission.

While we have a zero-tolerance and shoot on site rule regarding piracy, so we can respect the seriousness of this matter.

We find piracy a gross violation of international agreements.

If you need any support please, don't hesitate to ask.

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