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Joint Vanguard and Aurora Borealis Announcement

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Both Aurora Borealis and Vanguard have held treaties extending a ways back with Echelon. It is with these relationships built up that we are proud to announce the joint protectorate of ICENI. ICENI was formerly protected by Echelon, however, due to their imminent surrender, Echelon asked us to protect ICENI for them. Obviously, we obliged. ICENI has the full weight of Vanguard and Aurora Borealis behind them, as of the posting of this announcement.

Sigs: We all agreed, and I didn't bother getting them to post.

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The funniest part about this whole thing is that Vanguard and AB are both MDoAP partners of Nueva Vida.

Well, I guess when I said "funniest part" I meant that we'd probably get involved too, but you know how things don't come across quite right on forums and whatnot. Anywho.

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never seen a joint protectorate before.....

did you miss the joint MK-Genesis protection of Ronin a few days ago?

also, congrats to ICENI on getting good protectors :)

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What about Echelon's other protectorates? I could stand to do a little shopping at IKEA. :ehm:

This was the only one mentioned to us. If Echelon wants us to protect their other protectorates, I don't see much reason why I wouldn't agree to it.

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