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Hello, everyone!

Recently TORN has undergone some major changes. Last month we rewrote our charter and implemented a slimmer and sleeker government body. Our first full term with a full gov has begun with the election of our new Representative, Catface of Cat House.

I'd like to open this thread up to any questions you have in regards to the new TORN. Members of government and select general members will be answering.

TORN Forums: http://torn.sharuntech.com/index.php?act=idx

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Given the events of the past few months, where does TORN see itself heading towards in regards to their foreign affairs standpoint?

TORN's current (and future) FA goals are simple - to strengthen relationships with all of our allies and to ensure that each treaty has a high level of trust, respect, and friendship behind it. We hope to extend a hand of friendship to those alliances who do not know us or do not know our new government. There are no plans for a FA "revolution" within TORN.

Do you guys wanna be friends? (TORN&RAD)

Are you saying we're not already friends? :(

Isn't it in fact true that you updated your charter and not your charger?

Both needed some fixing up. :P

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What is your opinion on what happened around the month of April?

Where does TORN see itself going in the future?

What does your new govt hope to accomplish?

Many of the events in April were unfortunate, but TORN doesn't wish to dwell on the past.

To answer your last two questions, the new govt is looking to stabilize the alliance both in FA and IA, give the members more of a voice, and bring the fun back to TORN. :P (Also check out my answer to LB.)

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Many of the events in April were unfortunate, but TORN doesn't wish to dwell on the past.

Also, I wasn't trying to bring up old problems to be a dick,I was just wondering the new govts perspective.

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Is bigwoody still in charge? If so, why?

Yes and no. Dear Leader is more of a figurehead. The triumvirs are in charge of day-to-day activities and we make all the alliance decisions, and he's been very good about letting us do our thing.

Edit: I see you deleted the original post. I can delete my post as well, if you'd like, but it's been a common question so it's worth being answered.

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