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Bayrische Nachrichtenagentur (bna; Bavarian News Agency)


Today, King Maximilian III. has, after long deliberation, appointed the Ministers of Bavaria.

Following are their names and what position they have.

Franz Josef Strauss - Finance minister

Manfred Lahnstein - Economics minister

Heinrich von Brentano - Foreign minister

Peter Struck - Defence minister

Robert Schmidt - Information minister

Gustav Heinemann - Interior minister

Theodor Blank - Education minister

Karl Schiller - Environment minister

Hans Apel - Health minister

Ewald Bucher - Justice minister

Heinrich Lübke - Culture minister

Jochen Borchert - Agriculture minister

Friedrich Zimmermann - Transport minister

Theodor Blank - Commerce minister

Hans-Christoph Seebohm - Energy minister

Heinz Kessler - Inland revenue minister

Additionally, to strengthen the Economy - which, until now, was barely above Nordland-levels - various industries will be invested in, with Manfred Lahnstein, the Economics minister, spearheading the effort of bringing our nation to levels that we can be proud of.

To remind you, some of the companies in Bavaria are:

Heckler&Koch, Fraunhofer Society, BMW, Siemens, Krauss Maffei, Audi, Lufthansa, SoftMaker, Munich Re, Allianz, RTL Television, Infineon, Tandem Verlag, Messerschmitt, MAN, Brainpool, Wacker Chemie, DSR-Precision Corp., Genomatix, Puma AG and Adidas AG, amongst various others.


OOC: This following part is edited in, over time.

Links to major news posts, etc.

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"How do you feel?"

That subject...

GDSS Kanzler Bismarck

GDSV Explorer to be built

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And new problems


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Waking; Walkers

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Elections; Obama and Fjodor talk

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Someone wants a friend~


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Yet another meeting

And again, for science

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A base in France

Less WMDs!

Cancelling a NAP

Less nukes?




Adjusting Treaties

Upgrades for the Guard

A simple man dies

A girl grieves; A nation prepares

Preparing the CoN III; Leclerc's notes

The Cup of Nations III (External)

To Revolution!

Hearts of Iron (External)

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"Greetings ladies and gentlemen of Bavaria, I've been given the pleasure by King Maximillian the Third of serving this great nation as our Finance Minister. My name is Manfred Lahnstein. The King has asked me to lay down an economic plan for stimulus, growth, and development relating to both strengthening economic sovereignty, increasing the power of our currency, and optimizing the job market. That said I am going to state some of our objectives for the coming year."

"The first objective relates to economic sovereignty. There is no secure state without a secure economy. However, to secure the economy does not mean to close it off from cooperating with the rest of the world.. quite the contrary.. closing your economy off can be the most devastating action a government can take in order to provide a false sense of security. Instead, we are going to look to partial government and popular control of the economic environment and enforcing limitations on the allowance of foreign capital participation in domestic equity. Any corporation headquartered within this great state will be limited to no more than 33 % foreign control at any time. Additionally in key economic sectors where national security is at stake such as industries with heavy manufacturing and capitol equipment such as the automotive and aerospace sectors.. instead of nationalizing the businesses, the state will be buying enough equity to constitute a major voting position on the board of directors of these business entities. In addition, in order to strengthen the nation, in opposition to using war as means of expansion, a portion of 1% of the government budget at the minimum has been allocated towards acquiring foreign equity and debt to constitute a reserve of sovereign wealth which will also be used to back the value of our domestic currency. Surpluses will also be deposited into this Sovereign Wealth Initiative."

"The second objective is closely controlling the strength of our currency. To do this the ministry has been granted control over the treasury as a federal reserve. All banks will be required to register with the reserve and participate in the reserve requirements and regulatory system. Interest rates will be closely controlled, with objectives of keeping inflation at or near 4% and unemployment at or near 5% which we believe to indicate a healthy economy. However, we also recognize that fundamentals affect these #s, not just money supply. We realize in this day and age that fuel is a critical factor in economic function. In order to remedy that we're going to be working closely with the energy department and do a full court press on diversifying the national power grid and implementing practical wind, solar, nuclear, bio-fuel, and multi-source transport systems; this in addition to securing traditional fossil fuel resourcse. We will be looking to opening trade treaties and ownership programs with states which have known historic deposits of these resources. Additionally more research is being done into making Fusion a more practical power resource. Our goal is to eventually become a major energy exporter."

"Our third objective of stabilizing the labor market should fall in line with objectives 1 and 2. If there is a shortage of labor we will open our borders to cross-border labor from neighboring states and providing incentive for immigrants to come to this great state. At this time however, we do not anticipate a shortfall in labor supply although we do anticipate a very hot economy going forward which is why we will be closely following inflation numbers to make sure we're not over-stretching our resources. I am now open for questions."

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OOC: Yes, I've approved of this. And yes, you can ask questions. =3


Bayrische Nachrichtenagentur (bna; Bavarian News Agency)


Minister Lahnstein has mentioned that he wishes to reduce both unemployment and inflation severely. This may be a hard task for him, with unemployment rates being 14.3% and inflation 12.63% after the recent war and the sudden collapse of the Greater Nordland Reich.

Currently, the national Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, is at $ 300,683,759,530 (OOC: What is CNRP's standard currency? lol), with growth being -0.3% right now. Thus, with a population of 31,298,280, the GDP bavarian per capita is a mere $ 9,607.

Because the realization of Minister Lahnstein's plans, Maximilian III. gave him considerable powers in decision-making. Should Herr Lahnstein not be capable of meeting his short-term and medium-term goals, he will be replaced with a more competent minister, but the King has expressed that he fully trusts Lahnstein's judgement and will work closely with him and the other ministers to strengthen the economy and country.

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A Note from His Majesty, King Maximilian III.

"Numerous new nations have emerged in the world, and to be frank, I don't have the time to greet them individually, unfortunately.

Thus, with this announcement, I welcome all nations who have newly emerged in the last days and weeks. Welcome, and may you prosper."

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Bayrische Nachrichtenagentur (bna; Bavarian News Agency)

Regensburg, Oberpfalz


Yesterday, the until then secret construction of the BNFR, the Bavarian Nuclear Fusion Reactor, has been unveiled. It has been in construction for several months, but until yesterday it was thought to be a large facility built as project for scientific research by Siemens, Infineon and Fraunhofer Society. Already, most of the components have been finished and only need to be put together, ensuring that the reactor will run within the next weeks.

According to a Siemens spokesman, even parts of the Government have been kept in the dark about this, with the exception of the King and some other necessary institutions.

The BNFR's 2 gigawatts of thermal output will be on the scale of a modern electric power plant,with the end result being roughly 1 GW in electric power. At the beginning however, it will be started 'slowly', at roughly 4 times the power output for breakeven - where it delivers more power than is put into the starting sequence - after which the power output will slowly rise towards the projected end-result of 1 GW.


Interestingly, this has been achieved intependently of Vinilandian research, where a fusion reactor has been running for some time already.

For the less tech-savvy of us, we have included a nice and informative picture of what the reactor does.


OOC: NPP in 4 days, on the 14th. Means I'll be able to finish this thing, finally. lol.

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Minister Lahnstein noted, "I will be taking contracts for energy exports from our neighbors at this time as once we get this system active it will produce far more than we need. Umm.. however, this is going to make the unemployment issue worse. One plant will not employ as much as our standard power grid. I think we should sell off as much as we can and phase the other plants out over time to prevent a spike in unemployment and provide retraining funding for current persons specialized in old grid infrastructure."

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Minister Lahnstein announces, "I am pleased to inform everyone the test of the Fusion Plant has gone successfully and the barrier to outputs has been surpassed. It is now operating at over-optimum efficiency meaning we're getting more energy out than we are putting into making it because of the output of the fusion. That said, we can now fulfill supply contracts requested by our neighbors at a very inexpensive rate. Please contact the department of foreign trade if you wish to tap some of the state contracts! With the first one developed, 2 more are under way to replace the old coal and nuclear plants throughout Bavaria."

"Domestic supply coupled with batteries is expected to replace all fossil fuel based power mechanisms."

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Interesting the BNFR is identical in design to the Tahoan Fusion Reactor Complex currently under construction. I wonder why...


"Possibly because the Tokamak design, which both reactors use, is one of the most easily controlled designs, yet delivering quite a bit of power."

OOC: Also, yes, I finally have the NPP wonder. :awesome:

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Bayrische Nachrichtenagentur (bna; Bavarian News Agency)


As the Regent and thus new leader of Bavaria, Lord Havelock Vetinari has renamed the offices of the ministers, and appointed some new ones, relieving the old ones before, of course.

Feucht von Lipwig - Finance advisor

Manfred Lahnstein - Economics advisor

Heinrich von Brentano - Foreign advisor

Peter Struck - Defence advisor

Robert Schmidt - Information advisor

Markus Wolf - Interior advisor

Theodor Blank - Education advisor

Karl Schiller - Environment advisor

Hans Apel - Health advisor

Samuel Mumm - Justice advisor

Waltraut Berger - Culture advisor

Jochen Borchert - Agriculture advisor

Hans Eintönig - Transport advisor

Theodor Blank - Commerce advisor

Johann Alexander - Energy advisor

Heinz Kessler - Inland revenue advisor

Additionally, Lord Vetinari will soon announce some changes that will be made to make Bavaria "[...] all in all much more efficient and organised.", though it is unknown as of now what kind of changes these will be.

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A note from Lord Vetinari

"I will make this as short as I can.

In simple terms, a lot in Bavaria will be changed. For example, so-called 'Guilds' will be introduced. In very simple words, a Guild will be a union for a job, such as accountant. Or plumber. Or thief. Or beggar. Or assassin.

Guilds will have to register with the palace and are expected to regulate their members' behaviors. For example, before the legalization of the guilds, thieves would rob and mug as many people for as many times as they, the thieves, liked, and the monetary gain may be high or low depending on luck or hard work. After legalization, the Thieves' Guild will make money mainly by having rich people pay an annual premium so that members of the guild do not have to break into people's houses and rob them. This and similar systems will make life more predictable, and people, including the Thieves, have time to get on with their lives.

Guild enforcers will police the behaviors of guild members and make working a privilege of guild members. This ensures two things: clients will get fully professional services, and guild members can charge a high price for their work. Guild enforcers will have the right and indeed duty to catch and punish a working non-member; this does weaken the traditional Police, more or less kicking it out of a lot of its traditional jurisdiction. A Guildhouse and its grounds are considered private properties, and even in case of a suspected crime are not to be intruded by Policemen. Guilds can take in orphans and train them up in guild schools, giving them skills for a career for life. Some guilds may inevitably offer such a high-quality education that people pay for their children to be educated there.

Some of the people who will not be able to create a guild are murderers, traitors, rapists and other such people. The main work of the police force will thus soon mainly be to arrest the aformentioned people.

Oh, and mimes won't be able to create guilds, too. Because they're outlawed from today onwards.

That would be all for the time being. Thank you."

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"This is...a most unusual justice system we have ever seen, though we do admit it seems like it would be effective."

"It may seem strange, but trust me that I have thought carefully about its pros and cons.

Another short announcement, while I'm at it: The current government will be changed slightly, and thue while a regent is in power, there will be a system of One Man, One Vote."

What did Vetinari not mention? He is the Man and he has the Vote.

Each guild would - obviously - have a head. These men or women would then be able to gather in the palace and give Vetinari advice, but ultimately, he could overrule them as he pleased.

OOC: Comments are appreciated. c:

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A guild for thieves? That sounds more like an extortion ring, or a protection racket to me. I wonder if they’ll allow a guild with calamitous intent to exist? -Premier Medvedev

"Ultimately, you cannot end crime.

You can organise and tax it, however. And if guilds prove themselves to be detrimental to society, I do reserve the possibility of simply outlawing them."

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"We do not see the "guilding" of criminals as a step in the right direction. Any criminal that does not want to be caught will avoid those, and white-collar thieves will likely exploit it to gain political leverage."

"Unlicensed thieves will have to stay hidden from other thieves, many of whom may or may not be better or smarter. If unlicensed thieves are caught, their punishment is entirely in the hands of the guild, ranging from imprisonment to ridding him of his hands with modern surgical procedures.

Regarding the policital leverage: As said before, the head of a guild will be able to try and advise me, having to contend against hundreds of other guild leaders. Each of whom has different interests.

And in the end, I do the decisions and can override those of the guilds if I feel like it.

Everything has been accounted for."

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