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Anthony sighed as he turned the key in the lock. What was he going to tell them? He was only here to pick up a few things, but they’d probably expected that the next time he was going to be back, he would be staying for a couple weeks, at least. He wished he didn’t have to disappoint them, but he had something he had to do in Brisbane, and it was going to be a while before he came back.

As he opened the door, his senses immediately told him something was off. The lights were unlit, and apparently, no one was home. Someone should have been here, and up at this time of day, too. Immediately, he tensed, his hands automatically going for the lights.

He saw the very last thing he expected. “Melissa? What…” but she wasn’t the only one there, and his words died on his lips as he saw Jackson (which he should have suspected—that man lived here too, for the moment), Georgina Gates (when did she get out of the hospital?) a couple of his co-workers in the diplomatic corps, and…Davies? What the heck was the General doing in the safe house? Come to think of it, the only ones who should have been there were Melissa and Jackson.

But before he could ask, a loud chorus from all of them, more or less all together, answered his question. “Happy Birthday!” Every single person in the room was treated to an extremely rare sight—Anthony’s jaw dropped.

“But I was only…” he began, but Melissa shook her head.

“Now, now, we know you’re only back for the day, but you’re not going anywhere until you’ve enjoyed yourself a little. That’s final.” She jabbed a finger into his chest to make her point. When had that teenager become so forceful? Probably got that from her father, so he didn’t have far to look to assign blame for that.

She grabbed his hand and practically dragged him into the kitchen, followed by the rest of the gang, who all, for some reason, wore goofy grins. He gave no thought of resisting.

From what followed, one would think this was an ordinary birthday, celebrated by a typical collection of family and friends. You would never know that several of these people had only met under the most trying of circumstances, that their bonds of friendship had been forged during the most difficult of times. The only regret was for those friends who couldn’t be there to help celebrate with them…


Afterward, Anthony took Melissa aside. "I need to talk to you. Would you be willing to help me with something...?"

OOC: Yes, it's my Birthday today. I decided to make little RP about it. He's turning 35 on this birthday.

Also, slight foreshadowing of future plans. I refuse to reveal more.

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OOC: Thanks. that's why I :wub: you guys... Yeah, I'm enjoying the day. Some friends weren;t sure what to get me, so they took me to breakfast at Denny's. :awesome: They didn't even have to pay much for me, precisely because it was my birthday. :D

I should also probably take the time to note that I won't be able to post at all tomorrow.

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Classified: A small, badly frosted so-called-chocolate cake was sent to him. A note was attached to the box, "I never was a very good cook. Had Alfred make this. Happy Birthday from your Father."

He had to wonder how the cake had gotten there. But he should never underestimate his father. If that man was determined to do something, and if it was in any way possible, it would get done. And he'd determined not to forget his son.

Glancing up, he smiled. "Wherever you are father, thank you."

OOC: happy birthday! July birthdays FTW. :awesome:

OOC; Thanks...I like getting fireworks for my birthday (July 4 being Independence Day and all... :P)--but the drawback was I never got to celebrate my birthdays in school... :(

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OOC: Happy birthday to you, Subtle! :D:wub:
OOC: Happy Birthday, Subtle!! :D

OOC: Why, thank you... ^_^


OOC: I should have known you'd take this opportunity to curse me... :P But I know you don't really mean it. ;)

OOC: :o happy birthday!

OOC: Thanks. :)

OOC:Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Stick your head down the loo

taste it dont waste it

Happy Birthday to you


OOC: <_< Very funny...Anyway, thanks for the well-wishes, all of ya...

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