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Poach week

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Wrote it in a matter of two minutes. Enjoy!

It was a good message. Showed why you were unique, and kept with the Futurama subtleties. The last sentence, at least for any futurama fan, would give them a smirk and at least make them check your forums. Overall the grade of the message was : Good.

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Honestly, if you can take a member from another alliance with a single PM, chances are they didn't want that member in their alliance to begin with. If they leave that easily, they're either going to be dead weight to you, or a drain on your system, and you're better off without them in your ranks.


edited because I'm dumb.

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Please, please, please try to poach me. I want to see if I can set a record for most recruitments recieved while under an AA. :P In return, I'll poach you back for your time. ;)

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