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Statement of Reconciliation and Unofficial Friendship

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.:Statement of Reconciliation and Unofficial Friendship:.


Planet Bob,

The Green Old Party comes before you today to stand testament to a resolution reached between ourselves and the New Sith Order. Yesterday, at approximately 10:45 PM, the NSO sent every member of the GOP this message:


Understandably, our membership was unanimously outraged. We, as most any alliance on Bob would agree, saw this mass message as a clear violation of our sovereignty and a personal insult to our members and the principles of our DoN - which all of our nation rulers have signed.

Our membership and leadership agreed, to a man, that the only possible resolution to this issue would be a public apology from NSO. You may be asking yourself, why public? The answer is two fold.

First, because of the last line of the message:

Oh, and need more proof of just how pathetic your neutral alliance is? Watch as they respond impotently, if at all, to our recruiting directly from their ranks.

We felt, for our part, that the only way NSO could make amends would be to prove this statement wrong. A private, concealed apology would not accomplish this.

Second, we felt the apology needed to be public so that every alliance on Bob understands that the GOP will not tolerate such blatant member poaching.

That said, NSO has apologized and granted us permission to post the IRC logs of their apology here:

[2009-07-02 21:28:13] <Doppelganger> Roo, again, I am sorry for sending out those PMs to GOP, I was wrong. It was a bad move.

[2009-07-02 21:28:20] <Doppelganger> you can take that line to the OWF


[2009-07-02 21:30:14] <Roo[GOP]> One way or another our membership wants planet bob to know that we weren't bullied. To do that, we want a statement (in the OWF) from NSO saying that messaging and insulting our alliance was wrong.


[2009-07-02 21:30:45] <Doppelganger> Messaging and insulting GOP was wrong of me.


[2009-07-02 21:31:08] <Heft> We commend GOP on their active stance at seeking compensation

[2009-07-02 21:33:15] <Heft> You have exceeded our expectations and proven us wrong

[2009-07-02 21:33:18] <Heft> Congratulations


[2009-07-02 21:35:32] <Roo[GOP]> As I've said, our membership requires that all of Bob sees that we were not bullied.

[2009-07-02 21:35:53] <Roo[GOP]> I think that if I take our prepared statement of what has happened and add the apologies here into it, and post that on the OWF

[2009-07-02 21:36:12] <Roo[GOP]> and Heft or Dopp post their apology on our forums, we can consider the matter resolved


[2009-07-02 21:42:40] <Heft> How about you post your statement, and you include whatever logs you need of myself and doppel

[2009-07-02 21:43:25] <Heft> And in that thread I or doppel post something to the effect of you having properly defended yourself despite being neutral and etc except more eloquenty like

[2009-07-02 21:43:33] <Heft> And fin?

[2009-07-02 21:43:47] <Roo[GOP]> and the post on our forums?


[2009-07-02 21:46:11] <Heft> okay we'll go with your plan then

[2009-07-02 21:46:20] <Heft> either myself or dopp can post the apology on your forums


[2009-07-02 21:47:53] <Roo[GOP]> so no personal attacks on each other or on our alliances then?

[2009-07-02 21:47:57] <Roo[GOP]> from either side, yes?

[2009-07-02 21:48:04] <Heft> I suppose


[2009-07-02 21:54:49] <Roo[GOP]> so, to clarify:

[2009-07-02 21:55:20] <Roo[GOP]> We will post a statement on the OWF, probably a "statement of unofficial resolution and friendship" or something like that

[2009-07-02 21:55:25] <Roo[GOP]> within that post

[2009-07-02 21:56:44] <Roo[GOP]> I will include the details of the MM incident, some logs of our conversation - I might even just post the apologies from this chat so that it doesn't seem like I'm trying to make you guys seem like A-holes , and I will make a general statement condemning the mass messaging of sovereign nations.

[2009-07-02 21:57:04] <Roo[GOP]> but say that we reached a peaceful resolution and consider the matter resolved

[2009-07-02 21:57:04] <Heft> sure

[2009-07-02 21:57:26] <Roo[GOP]> and either Heft or Dopp will post an apology for mass messaging our members on our forums

[2009-07-02 21:57:36] <Heft> PRobably Dopp

[2009-07-02 21:57:38] <Roo[GOP]> and neither of us will issue personal or alliance attacks

[2009-07-02 21:58:00] <Heft> Sure

[2009-07-02 22:14:09] <Rekh127[GOP|ToFA]> Congrats NSO :)

[2009-07-02 22:14:27] <Rekh127[GOP|ToFA]> I'm glad we can get this all properly worked out

[2009-07-02 22:14:48] <Rekh127[GOP|ToFA]> now if we can just be friends we can argue about star wars into the night

[2009-07-02 22:18:17] <Roo[GOP]> you can argue about star wars, I'll go back to RL :P

So there you have it. NSO leadership are some stand-up guys, and we've made it clear that we won't tolerate poaching. We also want to make it clear that being neutral does not imply pacifism. It implies a separation from political entanglement. We take our neutrality very seriously, but we take our sovereignty just as serious. As stated in our DoS:

Subject to the GOP’s Charter, DoN and governmental discretion, the GOP reserves the right to retaliate against any perpetrator who violates the GOP's sovereignty by any and all means necessary. Punishments may include, but are not necessarily limited to: restitution, the imposition of sanctions, and/or military action.

This statement should make our stance on the issue of member poaching abundantly clear. And with NSO's apology we also wanted to make it clear to Bob at large that the GOP no longer has any quarrel with the NSO and we look forward to future friendly relations.

With firm resolve,

The Triumvirate of the Green Old Party

Triumvir of Military Affairs, Rooman33

Triumvir of Foreign Affairs, Rekh127

Triumvir of Internal Affairs, Samwise

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I'm glad we could get this worked out so quickly and bloodlessly. Remember kids, uncle Rekh says poaching is uncool. Hope we can have peace and friendship for a long time coming.

My Name is Rekh127 and I support this message.

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I'm happy to see we worked this out with diplomacy and coming up to a peaceful resolution. Looking forward to a long friendship with the members of NSO.


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What possessed NSO into thinking this was an ok thing to do?

my guess? testing boundaries. It's a bunch of old PB veterans in a new alliance in a new landscape. What better time to test boundaries and to find out what other people are going to do when they start pushing buttons and all that?

I don't blame em for it, I mean, if I had the clout and if I had the reputation that some of their leaders did, and if I could force out apologies I didn't mean (if I apologized at all, really), then I'd do the same thing.

And yes, I'm saying that apology was forced and they didn't mean a word of it. They're sith, afterall. I mean. I can see that from space.

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What possessed NSO into thinking this was an ok thing to do?

Not that it's a problem anymore, but perhaps somebody was just feeling particularly mean that day? Not that any perfect person should know.

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It was really a bad move from NSO, I'm happy in see that they apologize. As an ex member of GPA I understand that there are those who want play this game in other way and we need respect that.

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I'm glad we could get this worked out so quickly and bloodlessly. Remember kids, uncle Rekh says poaching is uncool. Hope we can have peace and friendship for a long time coming.

My Name is Rekh127 and I support this message.

A day without blood is a day without life :P

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