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T.V.B.S News

Good day, I am Mak'eta T'eheda reporting T.V.B.S News. Our first story is the so called 'Baby Boom' going on. It is estimated that there are now more than 43.5% of Taiwanese woman are pregnant, along with over 11.2% trying to get pregnant. With the count of 43.5%, 20.1% was accounted for with being pregnant by artificial insemination, 10% are homosexual couples, the other 10.1% are couples who can not get pregnant on their own.

In other news... Homosexual marriage is now legal in the entire Empire, instead of only a few provinces. It was passed by the Emperor yesterday with only a few government members apposed to it.

For T.V.B.S News, I am Mak'eta T'eheda.

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