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The Treaty of Kalisz

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The strangely cool and rainy summer on the Southern Frontier of Prussia struck the townspeople of Kalisz (in the Polish district of Prussia) with delight. The rain was good for growing barley, and the cool summers made it easy to work and enjoy themselves in the vast and stretching plains.

However, the sleepy town was struck awake one morning when it's rarely used airport sprung to life with both military and civilian presence in the area. There were security guards, chefs, drivers and mechanics all about their work. What was happening?

After the morning fog cleared, a small--yet swift--staff/personal aircraft touched down in the port. The doors slowly opened and placed their small step ladder toward the ground. Dignitaries swiftly walked from their plane to the waiting staff car, flying Prussia's diplomatic flag.

The staffcar drove through the Kaliszian streets and finally reached the townhall (which had been cordoned off by security forces earlier that morning. The dignitaries were escorted to the greathall where they met with a man wearing white regalia. They were meeting with Ministerpräsident Tanzband.

He spoke.

"Your honors...today marks a momentous occasion between our nations. The first meeting between Germanic and Slavic peoples in Kalisz occured in 1343, where our people met to bring a fair and lasting end to a long and terrible between the Teutonic Knights and King Casimir the Third's Polish State, a predecessor to the Slavorussian Ukrainian and Baltic area states."

He smiled at the diplomats.

"Our people once again met in 1813, in this very same hall to establish an alliance to defeat a massive threat to the security of our nations. Prussian and Russian diplomats met to defend themselves from Napoleon I. Their alliance led to the events at Waterloo, and once again, a long lasting peace between our nations. If only our current issues were focused on just one man and one issue."

He picked up a large pen from the table.

"And today...we meet for a third time to establish a peaceful and prosperous history between our nations. Let of think of those who reached out the 1300's and then some 500 years later to another nation. Let us remember the lessons of our fathers and our father's fathers. Let us remember today as the day two nations, de Freistaat Preußen and Slavorussia remembered what our fathers united for, and why--when Prussians and Russians speak diplomatically--only peace and prosperity is to be expected."

He leaned over to the large parchment before him and signed.



The undersigned nations of Slavorussia and de Freistaat Preußen, recognizing the historical and modern bonds of friendship between the two, hereby enter into a pact of mutual defense.

Article I: Non Aggression

Slavorussia and de Freistaat Preußen hereby agree to establish a policy of non-aggression. Neither signatory will launch military, political, or covert operations against the other.

Article II: Trade

Slavorussia and de Freistaat Preußen agree to not levy a tax, tariff or other damaging economic or trade establishment. Trade between the two nations will be generally free and unrestricted by the respective governments.

Article III: Intelligence

If intelligence networks within Slavorussia and de Freistaat Preußen find any that threats, either foreign or domestic are imminent, they are required to instantly open diplomatic and intelligence dialogue between predetermined agencies.

Article IV: Mutual Defense

An attack upon one signatory will be considered an attack upon both, and will be treated as such. If a nation is attacked for reasons exposed in other treaties, this document is hereby amended for a finite period to an Optional Defense Pact.

Article V: Cancellation

Either signatory may cancel this treaty at any time, provided that they inform their counterpart of their intentions at least 48 hours in advance. This treaty will still be in effect during those 48 hours.

Signed for the Honorable Nation of Slavorussia:

Dowager Regent Maria Romanov

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

Signed for the Honorable Nation of de Freistaat Preußen:

Ministerpräsident Albert Tanzband

Edited by Brian Reimer
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“The rebirth of friendship between our two countries is just what Europe needs. Although our relationship has been strained at times, the respect our people have for each other is constant. In the past we‘ve befriended one another, struggled together, and at times fought one another, but today we are friends again. May this treaty bind out two peoples together for generations to come.” -Premier Dmitry Medvedev

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