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An Imperial Statement from The German Empire

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The German Empire Radio Station


Hello all. I'm here to tell you that The German Empire has setup a radio station. This radio station is going to be for all citizens of Planet Bob. If you wish to DJ for the radio then simply contact me on here. You can also begin to talk with the DJ's of the radio on the information below.

Website: http://www.tgeradio.webs.com/

IRC Channel: #tgeradio

Broadcasting Channel: http://tger.listen2myshow.com/

People you can contact: Bismarck21 (Forums) or Karl Peters (In-game), and Der_Rote_Baron

Once again I say, this radio is open to all people who wish to DJ. I will personally keep this radio updated on all new topics in TGE and Planet Bob. More or less, this radio is something everyone can come and enjoy. Thank you for your time.

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if the radio doesnt air in poor quality and plays german military marches i will be very disappointed.

I could see K-Fred doing this.

You're not going to frame an attack on that station by Nationalist Poles and start a world war, are you? D:

You never know with them crazy Krauts :war:

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