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The new BIG order

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Well now wasn't that BIG!

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls of all ages.

Welcome to the show.

*Ringmaster speaking* For our first act I would like to introduce you to our host:

Wacky Rackk and Vid Mik Man

*Ringmaster speaking* For our second act I would like you to meet our communicating Ducat:#BTO on coldfront

*Ringmaster speaking* For our third act I would like you to meet our supervising comity:Veritas Aequitas

*Ringmaster speaking* Well that was a short show today, but you should come visit our next show!(flier below)



Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls of all ages, Welcome to the show

Article 1: Admission

Tickets will be sold at the door

In order to be eligible for a ticket you must first fill out a form an then receive and education on the art of circus

Article 2: Government Structure

*Ring Master begins to speak into microphone*

Ladies and Gentleman Welcome to the Show.

I will be your ringmaster today.

I am the protector of our show.

I control all external and internal affairs.

I may appoint new positions as I feel fit. Iam ringmaster for life, even when I have laragitus

*He clears his throat*

Our first act today is the Lion Tamer

He is in charge of all defense at the circus.

He may make suggestions to the ringmaster where to send the poop cleaner-upper .

*The ringmaster sways back and forth*

Our next act will be the juggler.

He juggles treaties around with easy

He may also suggest treaties to the ringmaster


Our next act is the Balancer.

Watch as he balances thing around and keeps circus in order

*Balancer drops plates and leaves to boos*

Our next act is the Tightrope walker

He watches the economics carefully and makes sure there is a safety net

*crowd rumbles*

And now for our grand finale the Clown

They are in charge of bring new audience members to the Circus

Article 3: Kiwanis

The circus has an elected Kiwanis. The Kiwansis job is to keep contact between the members and the circus staff. There is one Kiwansis member for every ten members. A Kiwansis term lasts one month.

Article 4: Security!

Sometimes people do dumb things. It is the right of the ringmaster to sick security on you if he feels necessary.

Article 5: Alliance Aid

Sometimes people don't feel right at home and decide to leave the Circus. If you have received any aid from the Circus, you must pay it back!

Article 6: Amendments

Amendments to our constitution may be made by the ringmaster alone. The rest of the circus staff may help the ringmaster in his decision.


Thank you for coming and may all your days be CIRCUS DAYS!


dwthegreat Ringmaster

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You seem to have a very good alliance with a lot of those inactive members :P

Huh? I surely have to agree with us being a good alliance, but we are neither a lot, nor is any of us inactive.

That said, I'll be looking forward to us doing business soon, I want tech :D

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