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Fear none Kill all Hits the 1 Year Mark!

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On July 2nd, 2008 - Fear none Kill all was founded. Created mostly by ex-members of NEO and afew good friends we met in SOLID. For the most part we started from scratch with only our good friends as members, however we grew very quickly. We managed to grow from under 20 members and under 400k strength to now over 80 members and almost 1,790,000 strength. When we started out The Order of Light gave us a protectorate, encouragement and a strong foundation to build upon - we really can't thank them enough. We've made many friends in the CN world this last year even with some than are no longer around - we stay true to all of our friends and allies and we thank you for all you've given us. FnKa has faced many challenges in the past and we'll continue to succeed.

It's been a hell of a ride guys.

Fireworks-10-june.gif Now Let The Party Begin!

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We fought against you (or maybe Brigade did). You guys were fun. You and TOOL were enjoyable opponents. Congrats on the milestone, and keep the the good times rollin'.

I think FnKa only declared on Brig. But yeah, same sentiment at our end. FnKa did pretty awesome in my book ;)

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